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TEKCE Real Estate recruits all its team members from TEKCE Academy. We value education. Every team member starts over the academy. Despite others, we seek zero experience in real estate. The only essential characteristic is goodness. If a person is good, you may build a successful career on top of it. TEKCE Academy is the first step to the real estate business. It is the academy where onboarding training is conducted to access the human resources needed by the company.

TEKCE Academy is based at the Göztepe office. It also trains our overseas staff with remote education online.
The training duration is 6 weeks, carried out face-to-face and as on-the-job training. All levels of the company are trained here with written and video content.

Zero Experience is Good

We prefer people who are open to learning, even if they have no knowledge of real estate. Whether people have experience in the real estate sector is not our preference. Because we operate in our own unique way, totally differently than the other real estate companies. The criteria we seek for recruitment is that candidates are open-minded and good people; proficient and fluent in the language that they will serve. Our aim is to work with people who are dynamic, innovative, passionate, and strive for development. There are dozens of our personnel who have been trained at TEKCE Academy and work in offices in different countries around the world. Every position, like agent, office manager, and chief editor has been recruited from the academy.

A Sales Story in TEKCE

When you join the Academy, you'll learn several key insights, but we want to highlight just two examples here:

Let’s picture a typical day at TEKCE: A property in Malaga, Spain, owned by an American, is sold to a Kuwaiti lady, facilitated by İlyas from Algeria at our Istanbul office, with the assistance of Fabrizio, a team member from Portugal.

Another example: A Belgian sold his apartment in Spain to purchase a villa in Turkey with the assistance of the same team members. How many companies are there in your career say this sentence?

Submit your application to be able to compose such extraordinary sentences here or simply send your CV to [email protected]

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