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TEKCE is a group of real estate companies that covers the property business 360°. Diversity is one of our main business aspects; It is a developed structure diversified in language, country and service axes. The company grew organically with a flexible approach. TEKCE owns and manages all group businesses by itself. It has a global presence in Spain, Turkey, North Cyprus, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates with its own offices. No matter where we are in the world, our team is connected, giving our clients access to valuable insights, a wide network of contacts and reliable advice. TEKCE is proud of its simple management style, which helps us make quick decisions and stay tuned in to our client's needs.

One-Stop-Agency for Real Estate Solutions

One-Stop-Agency for Real Estate SolutionsTEKCE real estate companies cover these sectors that you need when you buy a property.

Brokerage: The company operates as a real estate agency in 5 countries with 20 offices. Having a multinational team, 30 languages are spoken in the offices.

Legal Consultancy: As purchasing a property is a serious amount of investment, All property sales contracts are conducted by company solicitors / lawyers. The lawyers help clients with issues abroad. It is legal residency guidance for abroad investments.

Project Marketing: The company specializes in project marketing exclusively when they are off-plan.

Construction: The company develops construction projects for our investors.

Investment: A company invests in real estate urbanization developments and construction materials import.

Finance: TEKCE is the first company in the world which accept crypto payments for real estate purchases in September 2017. There is a specialized financial institution cross border payment and crypto OTC.

Tekce Academy is an educational institution that supports the group companies to expand its human resources.TEKCE Academy is an educational institution that supports the group companies to expand its human resources. As its motto; "first step to real estate business", it has trained and continues to train qualified personnel who have made significant contributions to the real estate sector.

TEKCE Values

Goodness "Above all, be good"
This is the first core value TEKCE looks for when it recruits each member of the team.

Integrity "Honesty is the best policy"
Property is a serious business that demands integrity. TEKCE's reputation, spread by word of mouth since 2004, stands as proof of its commitment to honesty.

TEKCE ValuesExcellence "Quality is not a coincidence"
The hardworking team consistently does their best for the highest quality customer experience.

Sustainability "Consistency is the key"
Consistency is TEKCE's compass. It establishes sustainable business models, not just daily fixes.

Innovation "Always one step ahead"
The dynamics of the real estate sector transform with innovations every 5 years term. TEKCE always surfs at the forefront of this wave of change.

100% Happiness

The story of TEKCE began in 2004 when Turkey allowed foreigners to purchase a property. Antalya, as a tourist city, quickly became a destination for foreign pioneer investors. The founder Bayram Tekçe, with his background in tourism and years of foreign trade relations, transitioned into real estate. He established "Antalya Homes ®". Antalya Homes became a leading real estate agency, especially in selling properties to foreigners in Antalya. Their foundation was built on good relationships, ensuring smooth property transactions.

Understanding international clients and aiming to do the best, honesty led to happy customers. The company grew through word-of-mouth recommendations. The secret of TEKCE's growth is giving customers 100% happiness.

Innovation played a significant role in the growth. The company embraced digital marketing as a growth pillar. The real estate sector is one of the industries that sees new trends every five years, influenced by technology. The team always aimed to be a step ahead by adopting the latest innovations.

By 2015, the company became the first Turkish real estate company to implement a comprehensive CRM system, in order to create a sustainable business model. By 2015, the company became the first Turkish real estate company to implement a comprehensive CRM system, in order to create a sustainable business model. This transition allowed Antalya Homes to establish a more corporate structure and expansion. The same year, the Istanbul office was established as "Istanbul Homes ®" brand. The company kept growing with new offices and new brands such as "Trabzon Homes" and "Bursa Homes". Our growth strategy involved purchasing and managing our own offices for solid steps.

Özkan Tekçe joined the company in 2017 with a new vision. He and the new professional administrative team gave the company a fresh perspective and opened new doors. TEKCE expanded its operations to Spain as “Spain Homes ®”.

The company is always a pioneer in prop-tech and innovation. Bayram Tekçe made probably the first real estate sales paid with Bitcoin in the world in September 2017. Thousands of property sales have been paid by cryptocurrency since then.

However, as we grew, representing the company solely as "Antalya Homes" became limiting. The management decided to renew the company name as TEKCE ®. All the operation has been gathered under TEKCE umbrella.

The success of international operations in Spain motivated the team, there came new offices in the following countries: Northern Cyprus, Sweden, UAE, and Montenegro.

The expansion also led to the establishment of other real estate service companies to cover 360° to the clients' needs; legal consultancy company, construction company, project marketing company, payment systems company, investment companies and real estate investment funds. The trust relationship with the investors played a crucial role in TEKCE’s growth. The board keeps involved in profitable ventures in the finance and investment sectors with the major investors.

TEKCE's vision is to be a leading global real estate platform all over the world.

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Pascal G. & Daniel L.
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Lisa Marie G. & Anand D.
Lisa Marie G. & Anand D.
Your team was top notch. The service is so professional and accommodating. We really appreciate your details listening to our real estate needs. We will continue with your services and will be forever grateful!...
Magda L.
Magda L.
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Cecilia & Hamlet
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