TeleProperty ® | Buying a Property Online

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TeleProperty ® | Buying a Property Online

Introducing TeleProperty ®, a new-generation virtual home-buying system by TEKCE ®. It allows you to buy your future home over visual communication channels. TeleProperty ® eases the purchasing process by eliminating the necessity of travel to see your selected properties in person.

Our sales agents manage the viewing tour process with TEKCE ® professionalism via your preferred communication channel. Since 2008, we’ve brought our customers together with their future homes over the phone with zero failure. You can read their experiences from themselves on our testimonials page.

Why Buy a Real Estate with TeleProperty?

Buying real estate by using TeleProperty ® shortens and simplifies the purchasing process.

Choosing your new home abroad and buying a home remotely could be a tricky one. It requires complete attention to detail at every step and could take a while. However, there are a couple of ways to turn it into a fast, comfortable, and smooth remote home-buying process, like using TeleProperty ®.

Why Buy a Real Estate with TeleProperty?TeleProperty ® gives the opportunity to;

• Reserving your spot for the perfect property

When you find the best property that matches your preferences, then it is time to reserve it. With remote real estate investing, you will be securing your spot even in the fastest-selling projects by sending the deposit amount. Or you could buy investment properties online at the moment. By taking the property off the market, you will be reserving the property as yours.

• Benefit from profitable offers

Occasionally, sellers offer advantageous campaigns valid for a limited time. With TeleProperty ® you can buy and sell property online at any given time. By eliminating the traveling period for a viewing tour, TeleProperty ® gives you the opportunity to benefit from these exclusive deals.

• Fixing the sales price

Real estate prices can increase within a day since the market is quite vibrant. If you are interested in a property, it could be disappointing to see the sales price increase a few days later. With online buying property prices can be fixed with instant action, thanks to TeleProperty ®.

• Eliminating travel expenses

Are you too busy to travel, or looking for ways to cut back travel expenses? TeleProperty ® has your back. By attending an online viewing tour, you won’t have to travel all the way abroad. Also, our experienced sales specialists will handle all procedures on your behalf with a power of attorney. You can buy your new home in the blink of an eye.

Steps of Buying Property Online

Steps of Buying Property OnlineBuying a property from abroad with TeleProperty ® consists of 6 main steps.

• Property Information

The first step of online house buying with TeleProperty ® is to know all about the property that you are interested in. Our sales specialists will send all kinds of information about the property. These include the title deed, its location, and a price list that also states the availability.

• Online Viewing Tour

We set a time at your convenience for a virtual property tour on your preferred visual communication channel. We prefer a video call through Facetime, WhatsApp, or Skype. During the viewing tour, our real estate agents assist you with the details. You can ask even your questions about the property directly to the seller.

• Negotiation

After you decide on whether to buy the property or not, the negotiation phase comes. If you decide to buy a house online and confirm the purchase, we negotiate with the seller. While negotiating, we discuss the final price, payment plan, and sales terms on your behalf.

• Sales Agreement

Sales AgreementIn following determining the terms of the sale, it is time to turn the conditions into a written contract. There are two ways to sign it:
1. While we keep the original contract in our office for your arrival, you can get a copy of it through scanned e-mail.
2. You can receive the original contracts, both yours and the seller’s through mail delivery. After signing both copies, you can send the seller’s copy back by a post office.

• Payment of the Sales Price

Now it’s time for remote real estate transactions. You can send the payment to the seller’s bank account after both parties have signed the sales contract.

• Title Deed Transfer

If you would like to travel, you can get the title deed yourself. But with a power of attorney, our sales agents can also handle all of the title deed conveyance procedures on your behalf.

Congratulations, you’re now a property owner! You can contact us for all of your questions about online real estate purchases via TeleProperty ®.


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