To all prospective buyers and sellers of real property in Antalya: this is a very positive and strong recommendation to use the services of Mr Ahmet Kizilay, the Office Manager of TEKCE Real Estate Company, Konyaalti, Antalya, which is the leading real estate company in Antalya. Antalya Homes is the founder brand of TEKCE Real Estate, operating all over in Turkiye as well as globally.

Mr Kizilay was instrumental in the purchase (he also assisted me in obtaining my residence permit at the time), and now 6 years later, the sale of my lovely apartment in Sarisu, Antalya. He, with his able colleague, Mr Hamidullah Hijram, are extremely knowledgeable and high-quality real estate professionals, speaks English fluently, and list the properties in their portfolios with good due diligence, making use of the best online viewing and other sales techniques.

My recent sales process has been constantly under Mr Kizilay’s watchful surveillance and management, alongside his sales team, which resulted in the successful and expeditious sale and transfer of my property. The collaboration with the government’s offices, discontinuance of utilities, title deed (TAPU) process, and purchase price transfer were all handled very smoothly. Even the after-sales assistance, help, and support of Mr Kizilay has been brilliant (he goes far beyond what is usually expected from a realtor), continuously acting in both my interests as well as those of the buyer. This resulted in a balanced process, with both a happy seller and buyer.

Throughout the process, Mr Kizilay consistently displayed professionalism, expertise, and a strong commitment to delivering good results. His sales team’s acumen and negotiation skills have been instrumental in facilitating my successful and positive sales experience.

What was very important to me was that he consistently adheres to ethical standards, and demonstrates unwavering honesty, integrity, and transparency in his transactions. His dedication and ensuring his client’s best interests are protected sets him apart as a trusted and respected real estate professional.

Mr Kizilay has very good communication skills, ensuring that his client is always well-informed and supported to make the right decisions. He has extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, trends, property values, and neighborhood developments.

Finally, it is obvious that he is a great team player and a natural leader, collaborating with his colleagues, offering managerial support, and fostering a very positive work environment in his office as a Manager.

I can therefore, without any hesitation, fully recommend him and his team at TEKCE/ Antalya Homes in Konyaalti, Antalya.

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