Living & Learning in Ankara: An Expat Student's Guide

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Türkiye’s capital city, Ankara, is home to around 300,000 students and 21 universities. Offering lots of advantages and amenities, it is the most sought-after city for university life. It ranks among the major student cities in Turkey and around the globe.

Why should I study in Ankara, Turkey?

an university enterence in ankaraFirst of all, the cost of living in Ankara for students is affordable. It is a desirable city for students to study in as well as to live in after graduation. In addition to a well-priced housing market in Ankara, there are various employment options and a lively social and cultural environment.

Like after graduation, there are plenty of jobs for students in Ankara. There are many paid internships with fewer working hours. Students can improve their professional skills and live comfortably without worrying about money.

Ankara's schools provide a satisfactory level of academic proficiency in terms of education quality. The capital has 7 universities in the top 50 and 3 universities consistently rank in the top 5 nationally, according to URAP (University Ranking by Academic Performance).

The majority of universities are situated on fairly vast campuses. This gives students lots of space for social interaction as well as access to equipment and educational resources.

Sports and arts have long been important parts of Ankara's university curriculums. Campuses are being built to fulfill that need. Students from all departments can obtain art and sports lessons at all levels of the institution and then continue pursuing their education professionally.

The best universities in Ankara for international students

There is a highly positive image for Ankara universities as they offer a wide range of benefits to their students. To provide students with some perspective, here are a few universities that consistently rank high.

Ankara Hacettepe University

hacettepe university in greeneryEstablished in 1967, Hacettepe University is a state university in Ankara. It comprises five campuses in total. Its largest settlement is in Beytepe Campus, and its main campus is in Sıhhiye.

Hacettepe is a top research institution in the globe with its highly competitive research and professional training and education methods. It offers knowledge and technology transfer systems, partnerships with the public and private sectors, and global corporate relations.

Middle East Technical University

Middle East Technical University in Ankara was founded in 1956. It aims to create a skilled workforce in the fields of natural and social sciences. Since its foundation, as an international research university, METU has been the leading university in Türkiye in terms of depth and breadth of research partnership on an international level and the number of funds generated from international research projects.

METU actively took part in and managed many Med-Campus, MEDA, COST, Eureka, NASA, NATO, NSF, UN, World Bank, Jean Monnet, INCO, EUMEDIS, 6th and 7th Framework, Erasmus Mundus ECW, Leonardo and Socrates projects.

Ankara Medipol University

The Turkish Education, Health, Science, and Research Foundation established the university in Ankara in 2018. Its purpose is to educate brilliant future professionals with a top-notch higher education program and options.

Its campus has a central location within the city. There is an abundance of historical and cultural landmarks surrounding it.

Bilkent University

an university building with a statue in front of it"To be among the leading universities in the world in terms of education quality, scientific research and publications, and cultural and artistic activities" was the founding objective of Bilkent University. It is formally known as İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University. It is a foundation university with with 3 campuses on a 5,000 m² of land.

There are many more successful and well-established universities on the list, such as Gazi University, Başkent University, Ankara Science University, and so on.

International schools are also quite popular in Ankara. These schools provide education for ages 4 to 18 with internationally recognized and acceptable curricula. Multilingual education is an important aspect of these schools due to their multicultural environment. For example, Oasis International School is one of the most known American schools in Ankara.

Budget-Friendly Fun: Affordable Activities for Expat Students in Ankara

Ankara provides options for both large and small student groups who are seeking guidance on social activities. There are two theme parks, multiple ice skating rinks, paintball, go-karting, and arcades with bowling, laser tag, and many more.

Many basketball and tennis courts may be found around the city, in addition to outdoor football fields. Most buses and metros will take you within walking distance of these areas.

The public transportation system is well-developed despite the city's size. As a result, getting about the city and its surroundings is fairly simple. Plus, Ankara Esenboğa Airport offers short direct flights to many countries.

Back to the city activities, Eymir Lake is a big lake in Ankara that is about 4.2 km long. It is encircled by a dense pine forest. It has a good path for bicyclists and walkers. Students may get to Eymir Lake via many buses and other transportation options.

Thanks to this location and plenty of transportation options, students can also take weekend trips to nearly any city. There are Ankara-based tour companies that provide reasonably priced and well-planned trips throughout Türkiye for foreign students.

Ankara is home to several well-known museums, galleries, and attractions, including the 8th-century BC Ankara castle, for those who enjoy the arts and local history as well.

Best Student Neighborhoods in Ankara for Expats

Some of the greatest neighborhoods in Ankara, Turkey for students are Çankaya, Keçiören, and Yenimahalle. Neighborhoods may also vary depending on where the university campus is located.

Ankara is a good choice for academic professions, postgraduate studies, and undergraduate studies. Besides getting a decent education, you can get in touch with TEKCE experts to make affordable investments in Ankara, to avoid having to pay rent later.

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