Real Estate Financing in Turkey

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Türkiye provides numerous financing options available for home purchases. Bank loans are the first option for purchasing real estate in Turkey. As a foreigner, you do not need to be a Turkish citizen or resident to get a mortgage to buy a home in Turkey. Turkish banks provide different types of home loans that can be repaid over a period of time, typically between 10 and 20 years.

Alternatively, real estate developers offer installment payment plans, particularly for newly constructed homes. You can make monthly payments after making a specified down payment, usually spread out over a number of years.

Here will focus on getting a mortgage in Turkey. It will go over the specifics of how much you can take out, the terms, and the expenses.

What are the benefits of getting a mortgage in Turkey?

manThe procedure is, first of all, incredibly quick, secure, and simple. You can easily explain your concern as most Turkish banks have English-speaking staff. As the most essential factor, there is a high rate of mortgage approvals for foreigners. Especially if you work with experts, they point you on the right path and make sure you do not go on an adventure that will not work out well.

Moreover, the length of a mortgage might also be highly individual. A mortgage can be taken out for a minimum of 3 years or for 10 or 20 years. That’s why investors can have a great deal of flexibility. Also, you do not need to take out extremely huge loans because real estate prices are not very high in Turkey.

Well, are there any risks of getting a mortgage in Turkey? Banks protect all of your rights, but there is a chance that the mortgaged property could be lost if the borrower does not make payments on time. For this reason, the banks look up your credit history as well. Applying for loans to buy property in Turkey will require you to have good credit, just as in any other country.

What are the interest rates and repayment terms for mortgages in Turkey?

The interest rates on the Turkish Lira vary from 12% to 20% annually. Interest rates on foreign currencies can range from 5% to 10%. Banks provide you with a mortgage in the same currency as your income. Those who get their income in foreign currencies are eligible for loans in USD and EUR as well.

The maximum amount of a mortgage to buy a property in Turkey is 65% of the appraised value of the property for EU member countries, Norway and Switzerland citizens, and 50% for other countries.

Regarding maturity, banks differ in their practices. While the maximum loan period varies depending on the bank, it is available for a maximum of 240 months.

What are the requirements for obtaining a mortgage in Turkey?

If you are buying a house through a company, having the company's lawyer or real estate professional on your side will make the entire process much easier. If you are handling everything yourself, it is advised that you work with a legal counsel who speaks Turkish and is familiar with the procedure. This is because you will need to demonstrate to the bank your eligibility for a mortgage. Important things to consider both before and during the mortgage application are:

peopleYou must submit an application with the required paperwork for a mortgage in Turkey for foreigners after reviewing these. Documents differ based on the banks. The following are commonly requested:

It is possible to request further documents. Moreover, notary permission and translation services might be needed. The fees associated with getting an overseas mortgage in Turkey vary based on the banks. It is not possible to provide a specific price.

How can I find a good mortgage lender in Turkey?

TEKCE helps you with every step of the mortgage process, including the additional steps that may arise, with a team of lawyers and real estate experts who are knowledgeable about bank transactions.

TEKCE launched the TeleMortgage system as a result of its considerable success in this area and positive returns.

TeleMortgage is an innovative solution that bridges the gap between buyers and their dream overseas properties. In a short amount of time, the TEKCE team completes all procedures on your behalf with the power of attorney. As a result, you do not need to travel or visit banks to conduct transactions.

You can always get in touch with TEKCE experts for more info about mortgages for foreigners in Turkey.


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