CLOSE is Now Live to Unite the Sister Companies Together!

Created01.09.2023, 18.21
Updated06.10.2023, 12.52

Leading Brands of Real Estate are Hand-to-Hand: is NOW LIVE!

After finalizing over 1500 deals from Spain, Dubai, Northern Cyprus, and Turkey each year; the leading real estate company TEKCE has established a brand new digital platform on August 30 Victory Day! With upcoming innovations that will mark a new era in the real estate sector, the company aims to provide a new vision across the globe.

After successful operations in 5 countries and 20 offices, TEKCE offers a sustainable business model and a total customer experience through for real estate consultants, portfolio owners, and investors.

TEKCE = Real estate

 leading real estate companiesTEKCE started its journey to become one of the leading real estate companies in 2004 with the establishment of Antalya Homes ®. Staying loyal to its core values, TEKCE expanded with Spain Homes ®, Istanbul Homes ®, Bursa Homes ®, and Trabzon Homes ®; all of which became leader real estate brands in their home cities.

With the 5 new offices in Sweden, Spain, UAE, and Northern Cyprus along with 15 offices in Turkey; TEKCE ® has reached 20 offices in 5 countries. The founder siblings Bayram Tekçe and Özkan Tekçe decided to form an innovative and comprehensive remodeling after taking confident steps to become a world leader in the real estate sector to keep up with the growing global demand.

With 20 years of experience and accumulated knowledge, the Tekçe brothers have announced a new development on Turkey’s anniversary of becoming an independent and modern country on August 30 Victory Day: Their successful brands are now hand-to-hand as TEKCE ® with the motto of “TEKCE = Real Estate”.

Your Real Estate and Living Guide in 12 Languages

TEKCE speaks 30 languages as a multi-national and multi-lingua company., TEKCE’s new digital platform, offers real estate ads in 12 languages: English, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Polish. TEKCE offers Polish hand-to-hand with all other languages for the first time!

Here, you can be correctly and thoroughly informed not only about real estate ads but also about starting a new life in a foreign country and investing in real estate. There are various informative contents on the website about citizenship in Spain, Dubai, Sweden, Northern Cyprus, and Turkey along with residence permits, property purchasing process, legal procedures, local tax rates, and area guides for the places you want to buy a property along with the social and cultural activities there.


TEKCE is now the leader in digitalizing of real estate sector. Along with the establishment of the new digital platform, the company promises a unique and innovative online experience to its stakeholders. Buying a property will be distinguishably easier and quicker with “MyTEKCE”. The program offers a personalized search option. After signing up, you can ask for instant notifications when a new real estate ad is published that meets the specific types of property features you want. You can easily arrange an online or physical viewing tour for the properties you want to buy and make an offer on the system. You can also contact a real estate consultant directly on MyTEKCE.

If you want to sell a property, you can momentarily be informed about the progress of the sales process through the system. You can also instantly see the viewing amount of your ad, feedback, and proposals from the buyers.


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Spain Tel+34 951 83 02 02Türkçe Tel+90 850 811 23 23KKTC Tel+90 850 811 23 23UAE Tel+34 951 23 59 59Sweden Tel+46 8 420 022 44
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