TEKCE’S 20th Office is Now Ready for Business in Dubai, UAE!

Created23.11.2023, 10.00
Updated28.12.2023, 11.57

TEKCE opened its 20th office in Dubai, UAE on these days that it's stepping into 20 years of experience in the property market!

TEKCE has added another milestone on its globalization journey by opening its 20th office in the major investment hub of the entire world. As a global real estate company with several overseas branches in Spain, Türkiye, North Cyprus, and Sweden, is now expanding its service area to UAE with its new Dubai office.

TEKCE opened its 20th office in Dubai.Leveraging its experience gained in Spain, Turkey, North Cyprus, and Sweden, TEKCE aims to add significant value to Dubai’s property market by evaluating its profit potential and offering the most exclusive investment opportunities to global investors from around the globe.

TEKCE is a global company currently operating in 6 countries, 20 offices, in 20+ languages. The company stands out in the investment field with its extensive services provided by its sub-brands, from property investment to legal consultancy. Now, it is extending its expertise, years of experience, and innovative services to Dubai, one of the most glorious locations for big-budget investors.

In following expansion to Dubai, Bayram Tekçe, the founder of TEKCE, pointed out that the globalization journey of the company will continue with new offices in Europe and the USA in the near future.

TEKCE is Now at the Most Exceptional Destination for Investment: Why Dubai?

Dubai has become a major center of attraction for property investors over the past decade. The glorious city of rich and famous has rapidly become an attractive business hub of the world because of its tax advantages, high return potential, and the ease of regulations offered to foreigners.

Dubai has become a major center of attraction for property investors over the past decade.Dubai particularly favors businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs looking for opportunities in new-generation financial ecosystems thanks to its stable economy, modern infrastructure, and world-class living conditions. In parallel with it, Dubai's real estate industry has been a significant contributor to the UAE's economy with nearly 5.5% accretion value to the total GDP, showcasing a promising potential for a lucrative real estate investment.

Are You Interested in Investing in Dubai?

If you are looking for a chance to enhance your investment game to a higher level, you’re at the right place. Read our UAE investment guide, surf our listing pages to find the most lucrative investment options in Dubai.

Visit our Dubai office to start your own exciting journey.


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