The Ultimate Guide for Applying Spain's Golden Visa Program

Created10.11.2023, 10.00
Updated23.01.2024, 16.17

Golden Visa is an investor immigration program, offered to non-EU citizens. The visa is acquired by making an investment in a selected option that is pre-determined by the Spanish government.

What is a Golden Visa in Spain?

Golden Visa is an expatriate program that allows foreigners to relocate to Spain. Golden Visa holders can benefit from countless privileges, including living, studying, and working in Spain.

It is a highly preferred way of acquiring residency in Spain by real estate or fund investors. Spain being one of the most attractive destinations to live in Europe triggered the increase in the number of applications for Spanish Golden Visa over the past few years.

What Are the Benefits of Obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain?

What Are the Benefits of Obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain?Living in Spain with a Golden Visa is more than 365 days of sun, beach, and sand combo. The Golden Visa also offers excellent benefits for expats, ranging from legal residency to access to the healthcare and education system of the country. Here are the key advantages of getting Spain residency by investment with a Golden Visa:

• Residency in Spain
• Ability to work and study in Spain
• Access to public healthcare
• Chance to bring first-degree family members including spouses, children below 18, and dependent children above 18.
• Possibility to apply for Spain’s long-stay visa and citizenship after 10 years of residency
• Opportunity to gain rental income from the property investment
• Exemption from double taxation, thanks to Spain’s tax treaty with numerous countries
• High-quality living in a healthy environment
• Visa-free travel in the Schengen Zone

What are the Main Requirements for a Spanish Golden Visa?

Investors should be above 18 years of age and must be a citizen of non-EU countries in order to apply for a Spanish Golden Visa.

Another condition for Golden Visa applications in Spain is not to have any criminal records. Plus, the applicant should not been denied entry into any of the Schengen countries in previous visa applications.

The Golden Visa applicants must meet one of the pre-determined criteria of several investment instruments. Foreigners can choose one of the investment options listed below;

What are the Main Requirements for a Spanish Golden Visa?• Property purchase valued € 500.000*
• Minimum € 1M investment to a Spanish investment fund
• Minimum € 1M worth of stock purchase from Spanish companies.
• Minimum € 2M worth of investment to Spanish Public Debt.

*The real estate investment can be spread over more than one property. But in total, all purchased real estate must be worth at least € 500.000.

There are a few additional Spain Golden Visa requirements to keep in mind while applying:

• The minimum investment limits listed above are the net amounts calculated without taxes or fees.
• The investment must be witholded by the investor for at least 5 years.
• In each visa period, the investor and their family members who earned a Golden Visa with the investor must visit the country at least once.

Necessary Documents to Apply for a Golden Visa in Spain

As for Golden Visa applications, investors should submit documents that provide true information proving their identity, and the investment. The documents are required to identify the investor, make sure the investment was made accordingly, and take safety precautions to prevent any harmful acts.

Here are the main documents required for Golden Visa applications in Spain:

Necessary Documents to Apply for a Golden Visa in Spain• Valid passport that is in force for at least one more year
• Proof of investment showing the investment is made according to the regulations
• Proof of sufficient funds
• If applied with family members, a marriage certificate and/or birth certificate for the family members
• Documents of valid health insurance in Spain
• Criminal record

Fundamentals of Spain Golden Visa Program

• Golden Visa is often granted within a month. After gathering the documents and applying for the visa, the decision-making process can take 15-20 days.

• Spain Investor Visa is granted for one year at first. Upon completing the initial year, the investors can get a 3-year residence permit. At the end of the third year, the residency can be extended with a 5-year valid Golden Visa as long as the applicants keep the investment.

• After living with a Golden Visa in Spain for 10 years, investors can apply for citizenship.

• The first phase of the Golden Visa Spain procedure can be done remotely. You can apply from abroad by cooperating with a reliable company. It is essential to work with professional and authorized legal consultants. After getting the first visa, investors and family members should apply for a 3-year residence permit in person.

• There is always the chance to get revoked the residency privilege in case of disposal of the investment or not meeting Golden Visa rules in Spain.

Find Your Dream Home• Golden Visa gives permission to work in Spain. Golden Visa holders can legally work and do business in Spain.

• Investors who are granted Golden Visa can benefit from social services like benefiting from public healthcare or getting an education in Spain.

• Golden Visa owners can travel visa-free in the Schengen zone since their permit will state that they’re legal residents in Spain.

• Applications to Golden Visa properties cannot be funded by mortgages. It is not possible to apply for a Golden Visa with a Mortgage for the minimum investment amount. If the property prices are higher than €500.000, the investor can apply to finance the gap between the least investment amount and the higher sales price.

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