What is an NIE Number in Spain?

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The term NIE stands for Número de Identidad de Extranjero, meaning “Foreigner Identification Number” in English. Resident and non-resident foreign citizens are required to obtain an NIE number for every legal interaction and social affairs. This also applies to EU citizens who wish to stay in Spain for more than 3 months.

NIE number for foreigners is mandatory in every legal proceeding. These procedures include getting an NIE for a bank account or obtaining an NIE for a property purchase. And in any kind of educational activities, students might need NIE for studying in Spain.

 legally working in SpainEach number is assigned to a single foreigner, to identify their presence by the law. NIE number is a must-have in case of legally working in Spain, buying real estate in the Spanish territory, or purchasing a vehicle.

Short-time visitors do not have to get an NIE number if they’re not planning to be involved in legal proceedings. However, they might need NIE for work in Spain. And if a foreign citizen is about to do any kind of social activity, their children and spouses might also required to get themselves an NIE number for social security.

If all NIE requirements are met, the number is given for a lifetime. It does not have an expiration date. However, the granted NIE card must be renewed every 3 months. While renewing the document given to the foreigner, the number remains the same.

Here are the main circumstances when an NIE number is essential to have:

• All kinds of legal activities
• Getting an education
• Opening a bank account
• Signing contracts
• Buying a vehicle
• Inheriting an immovable asset
• Applying for a mortgage
• Setting up a new business or working legally
• Selling or buying a real estate in Spain

How to Apply for an NIE Number in Spain?

How to Apply for an NIE Number in Spain?NIE number applications can be made in person, or by a legal representative who owns a power of attorney. It would be best to apply with a Spanish-speaking local consultant since procedures include several steps such as gathering the necessary documents and filling out the application form, which will be in Spanish.

The application cannot be made online, it requires a physical presence at the national police station in Spain or the Spanish Embassy in the applicant’s country of residence.

How Long Does It Take to Get an NIE Number in Spain?

In general, an NIE number is granted within a few days if applied in person, in Spain. However, in some cases, the resolution process can be prolonged to a couple of weeks. But it is always best to be an early bird and apply it way before. It is suggested to start the application process 1 month in advance.

It is essential to keep in mind that the finalization can last even longer when applied through an embassy from abroad. In the case of an application made through a consulate, getting an NIE number can take at least 2 months.

Necessary Documents to Apply for a Spanish NIE Number

The necessary documents to apply for an NIE number in Spain are;

Necessary Documents to Apply for a Spanish NIE Number• Completed and signed EX-15 NIE application form
• Valid passport and its copy
• Birth certificate or guardianship documents for minor or dependent child applicants
• Two passport-size photographs
• Proof of NIE application fee payment made with form 790 NIE
• A valid document that states the need to obtain NIE such as a sales agreement

If a representative is conducting the process on behalf of the applicant, the representative’s identity card or passport is also required.

The cost of obtaining an NIE number depends on the application type and varies between €15 - €20.

Looking For a Way to Make This Process Easier?

Being unfamiliar with the legal system of a foreign country can create hard-to-solve difficulties. Like any other legal procedure, getting an NIE number also includes several steps that are best to follow with a local consultant.

The experienced team of TEKCE is ready to guide you through all the stages, from A to Z. Contact us today, sit back, and enjoy a smooth NIE application process with our local experts who speak your language.

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