Growing Trend: A Complete Guide to Golf Holidays in Turkey

Created24.04.2024, 12.55
Updated13.05.2024, 08.46

Spring has arrived. As the North Pole warms up, holiday plans gain momentum. If you are seeking an alternative travel, golf holidays in Turkey may be it.

According to Forbes, Turkey is growing to become the golfer's haven in 2024. Their article from February 24th reports that the golf courses in Turkey are exceptionally affordable, very easy to get to, and boast elevated standards.

Considering the service quality of these facilities in Turkey, this comment is not surprising. Moreover, Turkey’s coastline comprises 4 seas. It has a green outlook, an amazing climate, and over 320 sunny days a year. If you enjoy golf, you know that these are often the first criteria to play the game!

In this golf travel destination guide, you will find a guide regarding the golf courses and golf hotels in Turkey. You will also discover the benefits of owning golf properties in Turkey.

But first- What is a Golf Holiday?

But first- What is a Golf Holiday?A golf holiday is a tourism type that allows international visitors to experience a joyful vacation of golf games. It lets tourists avoid the modern rush, exercise, socialize, and explore a brand-new country.

Today, regardless of age and gender, everyone can enjoy golf. As the sport became so widespread, its culture has evolved. As an outcome, countries around the world started to offer golf hotels for enthusiasts of this sport. Following this trend, Turkey’s golf courses reached global standards.

Where to Play Golf in Turkey?

The most famous golf hubs in Turkey are in İstanbul, Antalya, and Muğla. But, golf is a rising trend in Turkey. So, golf courses have started to operate in Aydın, Kocaeli, Ankara, and Mersin too.
Out of these destinations, let’s explore the top 3 places to play golf in Turkey:

  1. Antalya

Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coastline, stands out as the capital of Turkish golfing holidays. Antalya blends its natural marvels with a big-city life. This “Turkish Riviera”, is the motherland of the famous Belek, Alanya, Side, and Manavgat. Out of them, Belek stands out with the best golf courses in Turkey.

Belek is actually a neighborhood in the Serik district. However, it proudly represents the golf culture in Turkey. In 2008, Belek received an IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) reward. At the World Golf Awards 2023, Gloria Serenity Resort in Belek had the best golf resort in Turkey award.

Gloria Golf ResortSome of the best golf resorts in Belek are:

The high standards of golf in Belek, Turkey attracted famous players like Colin Montgomerie, Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, and Rory Mcilroy to join golf tournaments. Belek’s shine has inspired close regions as well, including Aksu and Alanya.

  1. İstanbul

İstanbul is the beating heart of Turkey. With land in both the European and Asian continents, İstanbul blends traditional and modern together. İstanbul was 2023’s most visited city in the world. İstanbul offers you an enjoyable golf play. However, in İstanbul, you will find museums, churches, mosques, and more. So, even if you visit the city only for its golf courses, do not miss out on its attractions.

The best golf clubs in İstanbul are:

  1. Muğla

If you want an alternative to Antalya, see its neighbor Muğla. Muğla bridges the Mediterranean coasts with the Eagean caosts. The city is famous for its bays, nature parks, valleys, and canyons. It blends its tranquil escape with urban vibrancy, making it an important holiday center.

The famous Bodrum, Fethiye, Milas, and Marmaris lie here. Among them, Bodrum is the most famous golfing destination, following Belek's good reputation. In terms of natural beauty and climate, Bodrum offers nothing less than Belek. Also, Bodrum has all kinds of daily amenities, various historical sites, and cultural landmarks.

The best golf courses in Bodrum are:

Tips for a Golfing Trip to Turkey

Tips for a Golfing Trip to TurkeyHere are some tips for golf in Turkey.

The summer heat in Antalya and Muğla may feel warmer than you are used to. Make sure you have the right clothing, accessories, and shoes for the game.

Your holiday package may or may not require a rental fee for the golf equipment. Make sure to see this during your reservation. If you are planning to bring your golfing equipment to your golf travels to Turkey, see the bag allowance for your flight.

Some of the golf courses may want an official golf handicap. Make sure to see if the golf course you chose requires it.

When booking your stay, you can choose an all-inclusive package. These include your stay, all meals, and beverages. Most hotels have a SPA, sauna, Turkish bath, jacuzzi, massage, and more!

Pro Tip: The best time to play golf in Turkey is between October-November and March-May. The temperatures during these months are warm enough to enjoy a swim, but lower than summer. But, these are the high seasons, so we suggest you make a reservation a couple of months before. This way you can save your spot, and save some money.

Pro Tip 2: A golf hotel offers exclusive opportunities, more than any home could do. However, they have limitations on time and money. Buying your own golf property is a smart way to avoid these problems. It has good advantages as well.

What is a Golf Property?

A golf property is a real estate with easy access to a golf course. It can be a fully or semi-detached villa as well as an apartment. Also, it can be located in a large residential complex with a private golf course. It could be close to a golf club as well.

The high standards of golf in BelekBuying a golf property for sale in Turkey has various advantages. These include:

No matter what your goals are, a golf property will give you a peaceful lifestyle. If you choose to spend a limited time of the year in your home or benefit from a year-long rental income, your real estate investment in Turkey won’t disappoint you.

Golf communities offer exclusive views full of greens. Moreover, they comprise all kinds of daily amenities, offering a comfortable living environment. As a result, the value of the golf properties is very high.

As TEKCE Real Estate, we have 360° offerings like property management services. We take care of the key-holding, marketing, re-designing, and maintenance steps. This way, you can benefit from a stress-free renting experience and have reach to the most trustable tenants.

Ready for Your Next Golf Trip to Turkey?

With its natural setting, sunshine, and high-quality services, a golf holiday in Turkey deserves a spot on your bucket list. But why not do more? Owning a golf property in Turkey brings flexibility to your stay. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly investment.

If you are ready to claim your own golf property in Turkey and enjoy fruitful returns, call our experts now!


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