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Northern Cyprus is one of the first locations that comes to mind when considering an overseas education. Cyprus is the biggest island in the Mediterranean and makes significant investments in education.

It runs education programs not only for the residents but also for international students. As a result, particularly universities in North Cyprus aim for international standards in quality, including course equivalency.

What are the advantages of studying in North Cyprus?

Firstly, the educational system in North Cyprus is good. The certifications, standards, and curriculum are accredited and recognized internationally.

The school facilities are well-equipped and new. The teaching strategies are creative and current. Many academic staff members hold degrees from prominent colleges across the world.

What are the advantages of studying in North Cyprus?North Cyprus’ education system rankings are also high. For example, London-based The Times Higher Education (THE) is the world’s most influential higher education rating agency. It included 5 universities in North Cyprus on the World University Rankings 2024.*

Secondly, North Cyprus is among the most reasonably priced study destinations between Europe and the Middle East. Depending on the curriculum and university, the cost of education in North Cyprus ranges from $3,000 to $8,000. It is significantly less than in other countries.

The average monthly budget of $500 to $800 covers all of your needs, including housing, food, transportation, and entertainment. Northern Cyprus provides high-quality, cheap healthcare as well. While private hospitals and clinics provide a greater range of services at a higher cost, public hospitals and clinics provide citizens with low-cost or free healthcare services. But if you have private health insurance, you can benefit from private ones at a low cost. All make the cost of living reasonably inexpensive.

As previously stated, North Cyprus wants to create an environment of international education, and this also succeeds. Cultures, languages, beliefs, and traditions are all mixed in North Cyprus. It is like a melting pot with different cultural traits. Your learning experience will be enhanced. Your horizons will be expanded by the chance to connect and engage with individuals from other backgrounds and viewpoints.

It would be impossible to mention its historical significance, stunning natural surroundings, and pleasant climate as an island country in the Mediterranean. Every age group is here to take advantage of the year-round festivals, events, sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, museums, theaters, and movie theaters. Since the sun shines for over 300 days a year, it is perfect for relaxing outdoor activities. The warm weather makes it ideal for swimming, diving, sailing, fishing, and surfing most of the year.

* Times Higher Education World University Rankings

What is the education system like in North Cyprus?

What is the education system like in North Cyprus?The Ministry of National Education and Culture manages the functioning of the educational system in North Cyprus. There are four stages;

Free education in North Cyprus is available in the government schools and colleges. These North Cyprus schools’ instruction language is predominantly Turkish. English is generally a second language. Students can also choose between German and French.

There are also many private schools in North Cyprus. They accept students of all ages. They provide education from pre-school education to university. Many foreign families prefer to send their kids these schools. You can start your education in these schools, or you can transfer from a public school later.

After primary schools in North Cyprus, there are various types of high school options:

There are also many private schools in North CyprusYou may also come across English and international schools in North Cyprus. These are private schools. They have curricula specifically for foreign students. Generally, their language of instruction is English. They follow the British or American curriculum. There can be entrance exams for high schools in North Cyprus in these schools.

In North Cyprus, both state and private universities provide higher education. Higher education is divided into undergraduate programs (4 or 5 years), graduate programs (master's or doctoral degrees), and vocational programs (2 or 3 years).

Higher education programs are assessed using the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The system allows for the recognition and transfer of credits between European universities and others.

The disciplines and fields of higher education programs are diverse. It includes the social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, medicine, law, business, education, and the arts and humanities.

What are the requirements for enrolling in a school in North Cyprus?

What are the requirements for enrolling in a school in North Cyprus?Every school has a different registration procedure and set of required documents, especially for private and English schools in north Cyprus. A valid passport is a must for registration. It will take less time to gather the remaining paperwork if you already have one. You can speak with the school directly to obtain information.

Universities are international as well. So you need a passport here, too. The universities follow different registration processes. The required paperwork and updated registration requirements can be downloaded from the university's official website.

No matter the degree of education, obtaining a residence certificate is mandatory after enrollment in a Cyprus school. To do so, you must give a student certificate, fee document, passport photo, stamp fee, passport photocopy, and a complete health report from a hospital to the relevant institution.

The fee document is given by the tax office. The stamp fee is obtained from the post office under the district governor's office in the city where the person lives. A health report with blood tests must be obtained from any public hospital in North Cyprus.

However, it will always be the best decision to get information directly from the school beforehand. All is current information. Institutions can make changes later.

Can I easily find a job after graduation in North Cyprus?

Yes. But, of course, it depends on your abilities. If you graduate with a good degree and your English is good, you can easily find a job. Not only there, this also makes it easier to find it in other countries.

International students can work part-time in North Cyprus, although it is advised that this should be fine with their academic performance. Tourism is a major driver of the country's economic growth. That’s why most part-time and full-time jobs in North Cyprus are in the tourism industry, such as in restaurants, hotels, and casinos.

Housing options for students in North Cyprus

Housing options for students in North CyprusNorth Cyprus offers a wide range of accommodation options for international students. University dormitories are one alternative. All universities have student dormitories. The cost of university accommodation varies based on the quantity and quality of services offered. Meals are typically included. It is good for students who want to live on campus and have quick access to faculties.

Renting an apartment in North Cyprus is another common choice. Students frequently choose this option if they have lived in North Cyprus for more than a year and are accustomed to the local life. More independence, privacy, and personal freedom are possible when living in an apartment. You can also share your apartment with other students. This may also reduce costs.

Another option is to buy a house in Northern Cyprus. Of course, this is not easy for many students, but most families prefer it. Since the country is famous for its sea-sand-sun trio, it is highly preferred for both permanent living and summer holidays. It is also a highly preferred location after retirement.

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