Different Prices on Different Websites?

Created31.08.2023, 10.00
Updated06.10.2023, 12.52

While browsing listing pages online, you may come across the same properties but at different prices. Some of these property ads might seem outdated, as they are. This difference is derived from the lack of understanding of the essentials of a professional advertisement.

Day by day, online channels are becoming more involved in our daily lives. In this age of innovation, it might seem easier to just establish an online website to sell properties. However, the real estate market is a dynamic field. It requires constant attention since each variable is momentarily changeable.

If one chooses to ignore keeping already existing portfolios up to date, some features might become outdated in time. As a result, it becomes inevitable to come across differences in the same ads in different channels.

There are 3 main reasons for seeing different prices on different websites:

• Uncurrent Websites

There are 3 main reasons for seeing different prices on different websitesUnupdated websites can contain outdated information. Opening a property ad, and then leaving it there without verifying the information with the construction company or seller periodically could cause unwanted issues. Other than prices, the completion date of an under-construction property, features, and payment plans are also other details that change over time.

As a professional company with years of experience in the market, we prioritize keeping up with the current developments to prevent possible conflict. TEKCE’s editor team makes sure that all information on our website is up-to-date. All information about our property ads is verified simultaneously with construction companies, sellers, developers, and office managers.

• Lack of Synchronization of the Latest Currency Rates

Currencies are dynamic funds and can change countless times throughout the day. The rates can get lower, or higher within a few minutes. These small changes often have more impact on big numbers, especially for property prices. Unsynchronized currency rates can cause prices to be outdated, and buyers can come across different prices on each website.

Thanks to the currency update integration of our website, prices are updated twice a day according to the latest currency rate in the exchange market. So, every price shown on our website is accurate, whether the base price is in the same currency shown or not.

• Malicious acts

Some real estate agencies choose to follow the wrong path to make a sale. They show false prices consciously, just to get the inquiry from a customer. When it comes to an actual purchasing point, they can try to manipulate the buyers with empty facts.

You Are Safe Here at with Best Price GuaranteeThey can say that the price just increased, a few minutes ago. Or sometimes that can act like the project was sold but not updated on the website, and they could lead you to better options. These are ill-disposed strategies that just focus on keeping the attention of the customer. It’s always best to do comprehensive research beforehand and know who you’re doing business with.

As the TEKCE team, we always put integrity first, and believe that honesty is the best policy here. We built our business with the foundations of trust, integrity, and honesty. We provide an open field for our customers to get to know us better by reading our customer reviews. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

You Are Safe Here at with Best Price Guarantee!

TEKCE guarantees you the best prices on the market, always. If you notice a higher price here on compared to other websites, we offer a 1% commission discount on a possible sale after negotiation. In case of a different price, please fill out the inquiry form down below and send us the property ad link.

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