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Established in 2004, TEKCE has flourished into a prominent international real estate organization. The company boasts a comprehensive global presence with 20 offices strategically located across five nations: Türkiye, Spain, Cyprus, Sweden, and the United Arab Emirates. TEKCE offers a holistic real estate experience, operating under its primary brand alongside established regional entities such as Antalya Homes®, Istanbul Homes®, and Spain Homes®. Furthermore, the organization extends its reach through specialized services provided by TEKCE Exclusive and TEKCE VISA. TEKCE's esteemed team of over 250 multilingual professionals, fluent in more than 30 languages, is dedicated to guiding property buyers internationally in their pursuit of the ideal real estate acquisition.

Real Estate Agent Opportunity

TEKCE is seeking a qualified Real Estate Agent to join its esteemed team. In this pivotal role, you will assume the role of a trusted advisor, providing comprehensive guidance to buyers throughout the property search and acquisition process. Your primary focus will be on securing the most suitable property for your clients at the optimal price and under the most advantageous and reliable terms.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

• Accompanying buyers during the viewing tour,
• Advising clients on the suitability and value of the property they are visiting,
• Presenting purchase offers to potential buyers,
• Identifying customers’ needs and financial abilities to propose suitable solutions,
• Providing advice to customers on market conditions, negotiation processes, prices, mortgages, legal requirements, and related matters,
• Preparing necessary paperwork (contracts etc),
• Having information about the real estate market,
• Creating lists for real estate sales properties that include information such as location, features, images, etc.
• Reviewing purchase contracts to ensure terms are met,
• Ensuring fair and honest dealing.

Required Background:

• Strong interpersonal skills,
• Pro-active and a team player,
• Goal orientated and ambitious,
• Be interested in a long-term career with us,
• Basic knowledge of using the Internet, Windows, and MS Office,
• Flexible in your working hours,
Possess a valid driver's license,
Fluent in English.

Employee Benefits

Salary + Commission

Working Hours (+2 GMT)

08:30 - 18:00 Monday - Friday
10:00 - 15:00 Saturday

Prior experience is not a prerequisite for this role. We value honesty and open-mindedness above all else. TEKCE Academy in Istanbul's Göztepe office offers a comprehensive two-week training program upon commencement of employment. This program equips you with all the necessary skills to excel in this position.

Job Application, Real Estate Agent | İstanbul, Göztepe | English

İstanbul, Göztepe
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Job Application, Real Estate Agent | İstanbul, Göztepe | English

İstanbul, Göztepe

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