Pay with Cryptocurrency | Buy Real Estate with BTC, ETH & USDT

You can make real estate purchase payments in any cryptocurrency in all countries where TEKCE operates such as Spain, Turkey, North Cyprus, Montenegro and the United Arab Emirates. We have finalized more than 2.500 sales paid by Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT since 2017. Crypto payments are a daily routine, which is a very easy and trustworthy process with the help of our company agents. Just before the purchase of the real estate, please inform the agent that you will pay in cryptocurrency.

Especially in Spain, where cryptocurrency payments are more difficult than the other countries. TEKCE is the first real estate company in Spain that has finalized this transaction. All cryptocurrency payment processes in Spain are conducted under the supervision of lawyers who are experts in crypto payments.

How Crypto Payment Works with TEKCE?

Selecting the Property

Notify the agent that you will pay with crypto before the sales agreement.

Signing KYC and Crypto Payment Agreement

The KYC (Know Your Customer) form is what you need to fill out. You need to sign an agreement that ensures your payment is transferred to the seller's bank account.

Transferring the Crypto

Transfer your crypto to TEKCE's company wallet. USDT, BTC and ETH are the most used assets.

Exchanging on the Market Value

When we receive your payment in crypto, it will be directly exchanged on the actual market value.

Sending Fiat Payment to the Seller

We will send the fiat currency to the Seller's bank account according to your sales agreement conditions.

TEKCE's Story with Crypto Payments

Everything began in September 2017 when a property buyer asked the company chairman Bayram Tekce; "Can I pay the real estate in Bitcoin?". He proposed to pay 20 Bitcoins (roughly 80.000 USD) which was a big part of his apartment purchase in Antalya. This was a time when the concept of cryptocurrency was still in its beginning, with no established crypto exchanges or solid crypto payment systems these days. Accepting cryptocurrency for a valuable asset like real estate was a bold move. Nevertheless, we successfully converted the Bitcoin into USD and completed the transaction, just in three days. Probably, this was the first property sale paid with Bitcoin.

TEKCE is proud to be a pioneer in crypto adoption for real estate. By 2020, it becomes very common. Many construction companies and real estate agencies followed us in this practice, accepting crypto payments. This bold move is supported by crypto enthusiasts (read news on - previously A PropTech guru has brought us into the spotlight in this news article on an estate agents magazine in the UK.

Our next-level approach will keep helping crypto users to own real estate worldwide.


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Drew H.Drew H.
Drew H.
I just wanted to thank both Arazbibi Salamati and Farid Jafarov for the best-ever experience in purchasing my first property in Turkey. The professionalism, understanding, and service provided by both whilst I was abroad and in Turkey was amazing. I ...
Kemal M.Kemal M.
Kemal M.
Hello everybody! From start to the end, Fatih Bey was one of a kind, just did a great job from the first day on. He was very prompt, very executive, very trustable, and earned the trust of whole the family. He kept every promise that he has done, and...
Mohammad A.Mohammad A.
Mohammad A.
Dear Samara and Onur, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional service you provided during our recent real estate viewing. Specifically, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Onur for his time, patience, a...
Fiyal B.Fiyal B.
Fiyal B.
My family decided to buy an apartment in Turkey. Found this company and a sales manager was appointed for us, Farid Jafarov. We found several appropriate flats and apartments in different cities in Turkey and started to decide where to buy them. We s...
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