Malaga: The World's Best City to Live and Work

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Malaga is selected as the best city to live in 2023. Out of 49 cities, Malaga offers the perfect combination of drawing people to live in this city. While Malaga is ranked first, the second is Alicante and the third is Valencia. So, the top three are from Spain.

Best Cities to Live In for Foreigners in 2023

Best Cities to Live In for Foreigners in 2023Every year, InterNations shares its report named The Expat Insider on the best cities to live in for foreigners. The top five indices are chosen to select the best city. These indices were; Quality of Life, Ease of Settling In, Working Abroad, Personal Finance, and Expat Essentials.

In Expat Insider 2023 by InterNations, 12,065 expats from 171 nationalities living in 172 different countries and territories participated in the survey. The best 5 cities to live in 2023 are chosen as respectively, Malaga, Alicante, Valencia, Ras Al Khaimah, and Abu Dhabi.

At the bottom of the list, there are also interesting cities. Berlin was 45th, Hamburg 46th, Vancouver 47th, Rome 48th, and Milan was 49th of the 49 cities in total. A joyful live in Malaga Spain is the first thing why it surpasses these cities.

Now let’s have a detailed look at why Malaga is the best place to live in 2023.

Expats' Favorite City - Malaga: The Best City to Live in 2023

Imagine finding a perfect spot to live where everyone is friendly, and life just feels good. Well, that place is Málaga, Spain! In 2023, Málaga tops the list of the best cities for people living away from their home country. Here is why.

Friendly Faces

Expats' Favorite City - Malaga: The Best City to Live in 2023One big reason Málaga is the winner is because the people who live there are super friendly. A whopping 89% of the folks living in Málaga say they feel welcome, way more than the global average of 65%. It seems like making friends in Málaga is also a breeze, securing the city the second spot for "Finding Friends."

Living the Good Life

Málaga isn't just friendly; it's also an awesome place to live. The city grabs the second position for overall quality of life. This is because of its great weather, claiming the number one spot in that category. And if you love nature, Málaga's natural surroundings are in the top 10 too.

Not Fun and Relaxation, They Are Malaga City Things to Do

If you enjoy having fun and taking it easy, Málaga is the place to be. It's the second-best city for leisure options, meaning there's always something cool to do. And when it comes to getting around, Málaga ranks eighth, making transportation easy.

In addition, things to see in Malaga City never end. These are not fun and relaxation, the normal best things to do in Malaga City.

Balancing Work and Play

While Málaga isn't the top choice for working abroad, it's number one for balancing work and personal life. So, even though the local job market is ranked 41st, people in Málaga seem to find a great balance between their jobs and their free time.

So, the choice of work in Malaga can still be a good option. It is also a simple example of why Malaga is one of the best cities for digital nomads.

Home Sweet Home

Balancing Work and PlayFinding a place to live in Málaga is a breeze (11th place), and it won't break the bank either (5th place). This affordable and easy housing situation makes Málaga the sixth-best city for housing among expats. There are many neighborhoods in Malaga City that foreigners call “home”.

Plus, when it comes to money matters, Málaga takes the top spot in the Personal Finance Index. So, the cost of living in Malaga Spain is another advantageous aspect. Choose your best place to live in Malaga, and enjoy life.

Happy Campers

In the end, a whopping 88% of the people living in Málaga are happy with their lives there, way more than the global average of 72%. It seems like Málaga has everything you need for a fantastic life away from home. So, if you're thinking about living the expat life, Málaga might just be your dream destination!

The Second-Best City Alicante: Affordable Living and Warm Welcomes for Expats

Ever thought about living in a place where your money goes a long way, and people are super friendly? Look no further than Alicante, Spain! In the big list of the best cities for expats, Alicante grabs the second spot out of 49. Let's dive into why it's a top choice for many.

Finding Your Home

Alicante is the go-to place if you want a comfy home without breaking the budget. It's ranked second for affordable living, and in the global ranking for having cheap housing, it's number one! So, if you're looking for a place where your money stretches, Alicante is the place to be.

Work-Life Challenges

The Second-Best City AlicanteEven though Alicante is awesome for housing, it's not the top pick for working abroad. The city lands in 40th place in this category. Expats mention that the local work style doesn't really encourage creativity, independent work, or flexibility. Career opportunities don't shine either, ranking at 40th. But hey, if you're there to enjoy life and make friends, Alicante's got you covered.

Feeling Right at Home

Alicante scores big in making expats feel welcome and at home. It's ranked first in the Culture & Welcome category, and expats rate it the top spot for feeling welcomed and right at home. Social lives in Alicante are buzzing, securing the number one position. So, if you're looking for a place where you can easily settle in and make friends, Alicante has a warm embrace waiting for you.

Living the Good Life

Your lifestyle in Alicante won't be held back by costs. It's third in the Personal Finance Index, and a whopping 78% of expats are happy with the cost of living. Compare that to the global average of 44%, and you'll see why Alicante is a wallet-friendly haven. The city also shines in the Quality of Life Index, ranking fifth. Great healthcare, awesome leisure options, clean air, and fantastic weather make Alicante a fantastic place to live.

In a nutshell, Alicante is not just a city; it's a home where your money goes far, and you're welcomed with open arms. Despite a few bumps in the work category, the city compensates with affordable living, a warm atmosphere, and a fantastic quality of life. No wonder 92% of expats are living their best lives in Alicante—way more than the global average of 72%.

Valencia in Third Spot: Where Quality of Life and Healthcare Shine Bright

Ever wondered about a place where life is good, and you can get top-notch healthcare? Look no further than Valencia, Spain! In the big list of cities for expats, Valencia grabs the third spot out of 49.

Living the Good Life

Valencia is not just good; it's fantastic! It takes the global crown for the best Quality of Life. Everything from leisure options to healthcare is top-notch here. Speaking of leisure, Valencia is a dream for sports lovers, ranking first for recreational sports opportunities. So, if you love staying active, Valencia is the place to be.

 Look no further than Valencia, SpainHealthcare Haven

If healthcare is a top priority for you, Valencia is a winner. It's not just affordable (first place) but also easily available (third place) globally. So, you can feel confident about staying healthy while enjoying the good life in Valencia.

Work-Life Balancing

While work opportunities may not be Valencia's strongest suit, expats here know how to balance work and play. The city lands at 36th place for working abroad, but a whopping 79% of expats are happy with their work-life balance, beating the global average of 63%. It might just be the right place if you're looking for a chill work vibe.

Living Without Breaking the Bank

Valencia isn't just about living well; it's about living affordably. Expats love the general cost of living, ranking it third globally. This satisfaction spills over into the Personal Finance Index, where Valencia grabs the sixth spot. It's not just affordable living; expats also find housing costs reasonable, ranking Valencia seventh in the Expat Essentials Index for affordable housing.

Easy Living and Friendly Faces

Beyond the practical stuff, Valencia is a welcoming place. Expats feel right at home, with most considering the locals to be friendly. This friendliness extends to the social scene, where 80% of expats are happy with their social lives, a stark contrast to the global average of 56%. It's no surprise that Valencia lands at the sixth spot for the Ease of Settling In Index.

In a nutshell, Valencia is a city where the quality of life is sky-high, healthcare is a breeze, and the cost of living won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Despite a few bumps in the work category, the city compensates with a fantastic work-life balance and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Little wonder that 91% of expats in Valencia are living their best lives, well above the global average of 72%.

Spain: Where Expats Find Joy in Life, Culture, and Leisure

Spain: Where Expats Find Joy in Life, Culture, and LeisureAs we round off our exploration of expat-friendly cities in Spain, the country itself takes the spotlight, securing a strong second position in the Expat Insider survey. Since the first survey in 2014, Spain has been a consistent top 10 performer in the Quality of Life Index. Let's delve into why Spain remains an adoring home for many expats.

Spain is a country that knows how to celebrate life. It proudly claims the first spot in Leisure Options, making sure there's never a dull moment for those calling Spain home.

A staggering 88% of expats express their happiness with the vibrant culture and nightlife, a significant difference from the global average of 68%. Additionally, 91% are thrilled with the opportunities for recreational sports, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and active living.

While Spain may not clinch a top 10 spot in the Ease of Settling In Index, it shines in making expats feel at home. In the Culture & Welcome Subcategory, Spain secures the sixth position.

An impressive 80% of expats feel at home in Spain, a remarkable 18 percentage points higher than the global average. It's more than just a place to live; it's a place that warmly embraces those who choose to call it home.

Spain faces some challenges in the Working Abroad Index, landing at the 34th spot. Less than half of the expats (49%) believe that moving to Spain has boosted their career prospects, and a notable 36% express dissatisfaction with the local job market.

However, the country shines in the Work & Leisure Subcategory, ranking tenth. Expats appreciate the work-life balance, with 73% expressing contentment, surpassing the global average of 63%.

Spain provides a financial haven for expatsSpain provides a financial haven for expats, ranking 13th in the Personal Finance Index. Over two-thirds (69%) are pleased with the general cost of living, a stark contrast to the global average of 44%.

When it comes to housing affordability, Spain secures the 13th spot in the Expat Essentials Index, proving that a comfortable and affordable life is within reach for those choosing Spain as their expat haven.

Spain emerges not just as a country on the map, but as a warm embrace for expats seeking a joyful and fulfilling life. Despite a few hurdles in the business field, Spain compensates with a rich cultural tapestry, a welcoming atmosphere, and a perfect balance between work and leisure.

Little wonder that 87% of expats in Spain are happy with their lives, well above the global average of 72%. As we wrap up our journey through the best cities, it's evident that this country is not just a destination; it's a home away from home, inviting everyone to experience life in its fullest and happiest form.

If you are also willing to enjoy the Spanish dream, you are only a few clicks away from buying property in Spain to call your next home!


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