Spain’s Málaga City: A Wonderful Place for Digital Nomads

Created28.08.2023, 10.00
Updated21.03.2024, 12.51

Málaga stands out as a premium destination for digital nomads in the context of worldwide connections, climate, and quality of life.

Traveling like a wanderer as a tech boss finds its definition in digital nomads. It is true that digital nomads are relatively flexible in terms of working hours or environment.

new generation nomadHowever, they still need to meet certain requirements to be efficient while hopping from one plane to another. Some destinations provide every necessity of a new generation nomad living to the fullest. And some might cut short on amenities or opportunities.

The capital city of Costa del Sol is a remarkable location where foreign company owners and digital nomads can comfortably live and work. The city creates the perfect environment for remote workers in terms of internet speed, areal climate, rents, and housing options. Málaga City also stands out on international connections and lifestyle quality for digital nomads.

Málaga, the Mediterranean paradise is a great choice to stay with Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa. If you are wondering why, let’s broaden the subject a bit.

Let’s talk about essentials for digital nomads: internet access and innovative workspaces. Digital nomads often need comfortable places to do their online business. And high-speed internet access is a necessity for it. Málaga has been taking concrete steps to adapt new generation technological developments into daily life.

The city is up to pursue this competition head-to-head with UAE’s city of innovation, Dubai. In collaboration with Málaga Tech Park, many projects have been developed to turn this magnificent city into the Silicon Valley of Spain.

In Málaga, the Internet is accessible in many public spaces via free Wi-FiIn Málaga, the Internet is accessible in many public spaces via free Wi-Fi, including the Malaga Airport. However, most private establishments such as coffee houses, beaches, or co-working spaces work with private internet providers. This way, they can provide high-speed data transmission.

This flexibility allows digital nomads in Málaga to work with their sangria on one hand, and Macbooks on the other. What a setting to enjoy stunning sea views in the background!

For more serious business occasions, there are countless coworking spaces in Málaga. Private workplace establishments offer everything a business owner might need in an office place.

These can be private working spaces, collaborative desks, meeting rooms, etc. There are also on-site facilities for people with kids. They can entertain their children while doing business. A great part of them operate 24/7, so this is also a plus.

When it comes to lifestyle quality, you might think no one can beat Dubai’s reputation. But the charming Spanish destination of rich and famous, Málaga, does not fall behind. Along with being chosen as one of the best places to live by Forbes, it has also been picked as the second-best city to live as a foreigner.

For example, this coastal metropolitan city has everything an expat is looking for. It is a place of comfort, a place to enjoy a laidback lifestyle on a budget. There are countless entertainment options and things to do in Málaga.

people of interest, from sports lovers to nature or history enthusiastsThe city appeals to every kind of people of interest, from sports lovers to nature or history enthusiasts. It presents a colorful selection in terms of a wide range of amenities. Plus, the cost of living in Málaga Spain is so low. Everything is quite affordable when compared to similar cities in Italy, or Greece.

While living in Spain, Málaga City is also easy to fit in as an expat. The main reason is its multicultural population. It is not only an intersection of an endless number of cultures. It is also an attraction center for millions of foreigners each year, even in the winter season. The constant cultural diversity allows any foreigner to adapt to its laid-back lifestyle quite easily.

Málaga sure defeats all other destinations in the context of yearly climate. The subtropical Mediterranean climate assures you nearly 300 sunny days in a year. Thanks to the wonderful climatic conditions, the capital of Costa del Sol has become an all-year-long destination.

It sure is a great place to spend winters as quite mild. Even the temperature does not get lower than 15 °C in December. The climate of Málaga city gives an amazing chance to live a summer dream in every season.

Then there comes global mobility. International connections bear significance to the concept of being a digital nomad. The main idea behind the concept is increased mobility while doing business.

Málaga Airport is taking over all the passenger traffic of stunning Costa del SolHence, Dubai ranks first among all since it has the busiest airport by international passenger traffic in the world. And then there comes Málaga, Spain’s fourth busiest airport, operating more than 150 destinations. Málaga Airport is taking over all the passenger traffic of stunning Costa del Sol by itself, with its 3 expansive terminals.

Not only in terms of international interactions but Málaga is also very well-connected with Spain’s most distinguished inner destinations. For example the renowned Marbella, famous Gibraltar, or historical cities like Seville or Granada.

This creates a wonderful opportunity to explore the country’s best attractions and most lesser-known places. You can have a day-long sightseeing trip within a couple of hour's distance.

Málaga is a good choice for permanent residence. And that fact prompts thousands of digital nomads to buy real estate. With the guidance of a local expert, you can find the best areas to stay in Málaga. Its more tranquil and fastly developing districts are also among the best places to stay in Málaga as a digital nomad.

There are lots of housing options for living in Málaga Spain. There are Airbnb rentals, hotels, monthly rental apartments, or houses for sale. Especially for the past few years, a remarkable amount of centrally located new housing projects have been established across the city.

comfort of living in MalagaThese new homes are designed with the latest construction technology to maximize the comfort of living in Malaga. New properties are mostly delivered with ready-to-move infrastructure, including smart home systems. The quality living, high ROI, and affordable prices make properties in Málaga good options to buy your second home.

Plus, buying real estate in Málaga is a gateway to obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain. The Spanish government offers a limited-time residency option instead of a tourist visa. It is called the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain.

The professional team of sales specialists and lawyers of Tekce Overseas is ready to guide you through the whole journey. Our lawyers will assist you during the residence permit application process. If you are considering buying your new home and getting your Spain Digital Nomad Visa, reach us today!


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