Nature Retreats & Seafront Living: Seydikemer for All

Created26.12.2023, 16.38
Updated30.12.2023, 04.55

Seydikemer is a gorgeous district of Muğla. It has everything you want as an expat: beautiful nature, peaceful escapes, and a profitable real estate market.

Until 2012, Seydikemer belonged to Fethiye, Muğla. But it has a bigger potential, so it outgrew and became a district. After this, it attracted even more investors.

In 2023 alone, Muğla hosted over 3 million tourists. Fethiye's location near Antalya City called many of them to stop by.

If you plan on having a seafront living in Turkey, you must check this place out. But where does its magic come from? Let’s find it!

Living in paradise with stunning landscapes

waterfall between rocks and a small road hanging on the sideJust imagine the best tones from Mother Nature’s color palette in one picture: turquoise and green. Now you have Seydikemer!

A life in here is an unmissable opportunity. You can spend your days swimming, having picnics, discovering the city, and doing extreme sports.

It has beautiful forests, rivers, lakes, and beaches; all with wonderful mountain views. Some of the natural marvels are:

Saklıkent Canyon

This 18 km-long national park is a true heaven. Rafting is a popular activity here. The cold waters will cool you off during the hot summer. Don’t forget your mud bath and natural clay mask!

Gizlikent Waterfall

The waterfall is only 1.5 km from Saklıkent Canyon. To arrive, you must walk through cold waters, perfect for a hot day. After, all you have to do is enjoy the setting.

large lake on green plains with snowy mountains on the background Girdev Lake

Girdev Lake is another gift from nature. Around the lake, there are bird-watching sites and 128 bird kinds. Girdev Lake attracts paragliders, trekkers, hikers, and campers.

Karadere Beach

This sandy beach is perfect for a swimming day. It has a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. But it is home to Caretta Carette sea turtles. So, vehicle entrance is strictly banned during May and September.

Kumluova Beach

The wonderful beaches in Fethiye Turkey are infinite. Kumluova Beach is one of the less-known but more perfect ones. It is the meeting point of a river and the sea. This allows you to feel the cold and warm water at once!

Eşen River

This river ornaments Seydikemer, passing through it. Eşen River is a popular destination for camping and rafting.

Easy Access to Charming Spots

Seydikemer is more than a seafront living. It has an ideal positioning. Here you can detach yourself from the city fuss and crowds.
But the district doesn’t isolate itself from amenities. Once you are ready for some fun, they are within your reach!

The district has a developed infrastructure. Here you can find all your daily needs and social amenities. It has its own state hospital, schools, beaches, cafes, restaurants, and shops.

The D-400 Main Road allows easy transportation to other districts and cities. Seydikemer is around 27 km from Fethiye, 75 km from Dalaman Airport, 150 km from Muğla, and 155 km from Antalya.

Live like a local, explore like a tourist

a lady sitting on the side of a small pond surrounded greeneryWhen it’s on-season, Fethiye has an increased population and color, just like any other holiday destination.

But the winters here are slow, peaceful, and tranquil. Seydikemer introduces a slower pace without the big-city rush. Just embrace nature, and enjoy life in slow motion.

The locals embrace this lifestyle. They are often busy with tourism, agriculture, and fishing. They are very friendly people and will welcome you in a heartbeat. You will feel lucky to discover here.

Learning Turkish isn’t essential to live here, but the people are supportive. People in the tourism industry are usually bilingual, and the rest are eager to communicate.

The region is perfect for an expat life. Moving abroad is a big decision, but you won’t be lost here. There are family-friendly Fethiye homes, ideal for Mediterranean living.

Things to do in Seydikemer

This is a chill living space, but that doesn’t give up it's fun. Here you can try out activities like camping, swimming, sunbathing, rafting, and canoeing.

The district cut its ties with Fethiye, but the two still share a big culture. The locals often spend a weekend to enjoy the things to do in Fethiye.

The most popular activities are in Fethiye paragliding, camping, swimming, and just chilling and enjoying the views.

ancient structure on small hillsCulture & history

Throughout its history, Muğla attracted civilizations with its nature and location. Its history goes back to B.C. 3000.

A rooted history always comes with sites and heritage, like Muğla. Here, you can find ruins and ancient cities from Lycians and Romans.

The most important historical sites are Tlos Ruins, Sidyma Ancient City, and Letoon Sanctuary Place.

Live slow & earn quick

The investment opportunities in Seydikemer are amazing. In the last 5 years, it gained over 135.48% market value. Compare property for sale in Seydikemer prices with similar districts around the globe. You won’t believe the drastic price change.

This affordable market didn't miss the attention of investors. The budget-friendly Seydikemer properties lead to a quick increase in demand.

The Fethiye real estate has large options. These include detached villas, twin villas, or apartments. Buying luxury villas is more popular here, but there are lots of charming apartments as well.

The prices vary according to the proximity to the sea and many other factors. However, it’s still possible to find Fethiye properties around 250.000 - 500.000 EUR.

Seydikemer real estate market trends

Here is the Endeksa statistics about the real estate market in Seydikemer:

To get it clearer, let’s compare it to a similar destination for Turkey investment.

In Kaş, Antalya:


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