How to Get a Residence Permit in North Cyprus?

Created04.02.2024, 09.00
Updated20.05.2024, 17.05

After entering the country, the necessary documents are submitted to the Immigration Department of the District Police Department in the region where the residence address is located within 30 days.

North Cyprus’ North Cyprus’ residence permit allows foreigners to stay more than 90 days in North Cyprus. If you work with an expert, it is easy to obtain a residence permit and apply for a visa in Northern Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean. The weather is sunny throughout the year. Therefore, there are many outdoor activity options in the country suitable for all ages and tastes. Living standards are good and reasonably priced. It has a good system in both education and health. Job opportunities are abundant. The natural beauties and historical structures are legendary.

When we add all these together, the island is preferred both for permanent living, summer holidays, and post-retirement. The number of people who want to apply for a residence permit, especially by buying a house, is considerable. Obtaining a residence permit through investment, which is affordable, is highly preferred in Northern Cyprus.

The residence permit types in North Cyprus

The main types of residence permit in North Cyprus are:

Foreigners prefer especially the investment option to both live a comfortable life in Northern Cyprus and benefit from lucrative investment opportunities.

Getting a residence permit by buying a property in North Cyprus

You may apply for a one-year residency permit if you buy real estate in Cyprus. You can renew it as long as you hold the property.

There is no minimum investment required in North Cyprus to get residency through property purchase, but the minimum square meter must be 17. Additionally, the property must be used only for residential purposes. If you apply for a residence permit with a commercial property, your application can be rejected.

Only one owner may achieve residency with a title deed that has many owners on it. However, the property owner's family members, minor children, and spouses may also obtain residency.

The terms may change if you purchased the home under a contract that required regular monthly payments. To be eligible, the owner must show that they have enough money to pay all installments. Together with the monthly payment, their savings must total three times their minimum wage. Additionally, it must be paid at least one-third of the sale price.

As a note, a TRNC resident permit does not provide the right to work or do business in North Cyprus. Foreigners must apply for a work permit to do any business.

Also, a residence permit given by the TRNC does not provide the right to live in Türkiye, but you can visit the country without a visa.

Required documents to apply for a residence permit in North Cyprus

Required documents to apply for a residence permit in North CyprusThe general documents for getting a residence permit by buying property in North Cyprus are:

These are the general documents. The immigration office may specifically want additional documentation for each application. We recommend that you consult your real estate agent or the relevant institution to learn the current North Cyprus residency requirements.

How long does it take to obtain residency in North Cyprus?

The average application process takes between 30 days to 90 days. If your documents are missing or incorrect, this period may be extended or you may need to re-apply.

For the first three years, this permit will be valid for a maximum of one year. A maximum of two years is then allowed for each application if the purchase cost is paid in full.

Applications for residence permit renewals must be submitted no sooner than sixty days and no later than twenty days before the current permit's expiration.

Currently, the residence permit application fee in North Cyprus is 1800 TL.

Easy application process with TEKCE

TEKCE real estate consultants find your dream property for sale in Northern Cyprus and provide you with consultancy in all transactions, including all legal processes.

TEKCE assists you in analyzing your investment goals, finding the most suitable home for you, applying for a residence permit, and even getting help during the moving process.

You can always call TEKCE for more information about investment options and the purchasing process in Northern Cyprus.


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