Dubai and Málaga as Premium Destinations for Digital Nomads

Created29.08.2023, 10.00
Updated07.09.2023, 15.59

Comprehensive research conducted by Savills ranks Dubai and Málaga are the top two premium destinations for digital nomads. The survey listed the 20 best destinations in the context of worldwide connections, climate, internet speed, housing options, and quality of life.

The glorious city of Dubai The glorious city of Dubai has risen to the forefront among the top 20 locations where foreign tech bosses and remote workers can comfortably live and run their businesses. Then in the second place, we come across Málaga, the Mediterranean paradise to stay with Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa.

Dubai, the premium living center of the rich and famous, sits at the top of the list for air connectivity with the busiest airport by international passenger traffic in the world. And it is followed closely by the stunning Spanish destination on the Costa del Sol: Málaga. Málaga’s airport operates with 3 terminals, and to over 150 destinations, giving a high level of mobility to digital nomads.

The marvelous tech city of Dubai is an outstanding business hub of the world, making it an amazing option for digital nomads to interact easily with leading businesses in their market. Also, the city of innovation steals the thunder among all other cities when it comes to high-speed data transmission. This is a plus when considering a strong online connection is essential, especially for digital nomads.

Other than being a major tourism destination in Spain, Málaga leads the pack when it comes to quality of life. This city is like an escape to paradise, offering a classy life in European standards on a budget. When compared to other European cities with similar conditions, Málaga stands out with its affordability in return for high living standards.

Málaga, being one of the safest cities to live in SpainMálaga, being one of the safest cities to live in Spain also is a plus for foreign digital nomads. When the welcoming attitude of the Spaniards and laidback lifestyle combined, Málaga surpasses most of the other cities as an expat-friendly destination.

Along with creating good conditions for digital nomad living, these cities are also rich in terms of accommodation options. Even though there are options like Airbnb rentals, or hotels for short stays, for more sustainable living buying a real estate might be the better option.

With the current market filled with high-end properties, real estate purchasing can be more advantageous. Most of the new properties in Dubai and Málaga charmingly appeal to tech enthusiasts since a great part of them are adorned with rich infrastructure from high-velocity internet connection to smart home systems.

These properties built with the latest technology are usually at affordable prices and come with a remarkable ROI. Plus, buying real estate brings a wide range of opportunities within, including getting a Golden Visa in Spain for long-term living.

There are countless options, each with its own features appealing to every kind of lifestyle. Finding the right one is tricky, but the whole process becomes much more easier with the expertise of a well-experienced team of professionals. Contact us, and find the most exclusive properties to live as a digital nomad in the most innovative cities in the world!


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