No Limit for Residence Permit in Turkey

Created27.12.2023, 09.00
Updated04.01.2024, 02.03

The required purchase amount for getting a permanent residence permit has recently increased to 200.000 $ from 75.000 $. Many buyers think that they should also buy property valued at this amount to get a short-term residence permit.

But in fact, there is no property purchase requirement for getting a short-term residence permit. Foreigners may live in Turkey for a long time with a tourist residence permit.

Are you going to enjoy your days in Turkey for a holiday?While considering these options, you should first think about what is your Turkish residence permit purpose. Are you going to enjoy your days in Turkey for a holiday? Are you looking to move to Turkey and create your own job? Or is it only for investment?

After determining your purpose, you may choose one of the following options.

If your main intention is enjoying Turkey for your short stays, having sunshine, and spending 2-3 months in a lovely environment, then the short-term touristic residence permit is ideal for you.

If you are willing to buy property and move permanently to Turkey, a residence permit by investment is your best option. It will give you a more permanent solution for your residence after moving to Turkey.

What is a Short-Term Residence Permit in Turkey?

The short-term residence permit in Turkey allows foreigners to live in the country for 6 months to a year. There are many possibilities to be eligible for this residence permit.

The short-term tourist residence permit is its variation. It is a very advantageous program for foreigners who want to visit Turkey for tourist purposes. It is a permit given to foreigners who want to stay in Turkey for tourism purposes between 30 days and 1 year.

What is a Short-Term Residence Permit in Turkey?It also provides a way to student residence permit, another option for short-term permits.

Rules change from time to time. But, getting a Turkish residence permit is still an easy and smooth process.

For foreigners who are willing to move to Turkey, their options can also have flexibility. They can also buy any property and apply for a tourist permit for their first experience. Their purchased property will positively influence their tourist permit application.

Afterward, if they enjoy living in Turkey, then they can get property valued at least 200.000 $ and apply for a Turkish residence permit by investment.

Despite rules changed in the residence permit by property investment, foreigners can still get their desired property and live in Turkey for tourist purposes. The right option can be chosen more easily with professional consultancy.

You may contact TEKCE’s professional and local experts to find your best match for getting a residence permit and buying property.


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