Following COP28, Expo City Dubai Spreads Christmas Joy

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The COP28 in UAE has just ended. With that, the Dubai Expo City is adorned with the charming and glittering Christmas spirit. This time, the Christmas Village is organized in the context of sustainability and environmental preservation. The new organization inherited the legacy of the two-week global gathering of COP28.

What is COP28 in the UAE?

The COP (Conference of the Parties) is an annual gathering that addresses the most crucial and widespread issue of climate change. The event serves as the global community's collaborative effort.

What is COP28 in the UAE?The 21st edition of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP21, was held in 2015. This gathering resulted in the historic Paris Agreement with nations committed to attaining net-zero greenhouse gas emissions within this century. Also in the same agreement, nations promised to cap the rise in temperature at 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels by 2050. To stay on course, it is essential to slash emissions by half before 2030, leaving six years left to accomplish this crucial goal.

The COP28 marks a key moment on the climate agenda. As a global business hub, the UAE sets a great example of how to put out efforts in regulating energy consumption. The UAE has taken the lead by being the first among its neighbors to pledge national emissions reductions.

The country's economy has empowered generating knowledge, skills, and opportunities to provide practical solutions and take universal initiatives regarding ecological preservation. COP28 has been an open place for climate negotiations. The gathering has a huge impact on how to approach the current ecological situation and take precautions that are supported by global unity.

Beginning on November 30th at Expo City Dubai, COP28 in the United Arab Emirates was organized as a two-week program. The organization included formal negotiations to devise sustainable solutions for closing the emissions gap by 2030. The highly anticipated event welcomed thousands of attendees, from over 100 countries.

The program highlighted emerging and overlooked themes, possible threats to human health, and ecological structure. It also emphasized the importance of developing strategies for relief and recovery from climate action. Collectively, the program conveyed interconnected messages across fields from technology and innovation to financial sources.

Expo City’s Christmas Village is Set with Eco-Friendly Features, Making the Influence of COP28 Sustainable

the Christmas spirit captured every corner of Expo City DubaiNow that COP28 is over, the Christmas spirit captured every corner of Expo City Dubai right away. This year the organizations were planned with an additional mission to raise awareness against the impact of climate change.

The thematic organizations focus on recycling, sustainability, and ecology preservation.
In Expo City Dubai United Arab Emirates, Santa has a sustainable house. There is also an eco-friendly toy factory where the kids can create new toys from recycled materials.

Plus, in the events, the children helped Santa save the wildlife in the North Pole. With these eco-friendly approaches, children were encouraged to prevent the possible negative effects of global warming by gaming. In this way, the festival will promote raising consciousness on ecological issues from an early age for the next generations via entertainment.

All About Expo City Dubai

Now with the Christmas season approaching, Expo City Dubai has turned into a Winter City. But this is not all you can expect from Expo City, the establishment has everything you are looking for.

The complex was first built as a Dubai Exhibition Center (DEC). It was the host of the COP28 as well. It has also been used as the main exhibition and trade center for the Expo 2020 events, held in Dubai, UAE. It welcomed nearly 25 million visitors that year as a part of the World Expositions.

The enormous structure has been designed with eco-friendly features. It was then transformed into a social living and entertainment center right after the end of the Expo events.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Expo City Dubai’s infrastructure. Nearly 80% of the World Expo's infrastructure was used while turning the Expo landscape into today’s Expo City. Now, this architectural marvel has become a futuristic and innovative hub for business and a glamorous attraction center of Dubai city in the United Arab Emirates.

The Al Wasl Plaza’s iconic dome standing at a height of 67.5 metersThe Al Wasl Plaza’s iconic dome standing at a height of 67.5 meters is without a doubt the most captivating structure in the whole complex. Along with Al Wasl Dome, other pavilions like Alif (The Mobility Pavilion), or Terra (The Sustainability Pavilion) reflect the futuristic architectural details of our age of innovation.

Other than the architectural style of its buildings, Expo City Dubai is meticulously crafted to cater to the community's needs, featuring human-centric design and innovation. It prioritizes environmental sustainability while fostering the health and well-being of both residents and visitors.

As for the Expo City Dubai address information, it is quite easy to find since it’s located adjacent to the Al Maktoum International Airport. Plus, Expo City is only within a 1-hour radius of the international airports of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Its strategic position within 30 minutes from Downtown Dubai and its own metro station gives visitors a chance to fully enjoy the Expo City experience effortlessly.

Expo City Dubai: A Brand New Landmark in the World’s Most Exquisite Attraction Center

This huge complex has a wide variety of entertainment options, as well as endless amenities for businesses, and social living.

Expo City Dubai: A Brand New LandmarkIn 2023, Expo City will host numerous designer brands, and global and local enterprises in its own high-end shopping mall with Emaar as the developer. The highly anticipated Dubai Expo Mall will be home to over 190 shops and F&B outlets, offering a unique shopping experience to its visitors.

Not only that, the Expo City’s main glamour comes from its entertainment facilities, drawing the attention of A-list rich and famous. From bike and jogging tracks for an active lifestyle to music concerts and light shows held in the Al Wasl Plaza, Expo City is a place to treasure unforgettable experiences.

The complex also emphasizes the environment’s influence on humankind’s personal development from an early age. The child-friendly complex also has various playgrounds where children can learn about their environment and the world they live in while playing. In this way in the playgrounds, children can learn about astronomy, and ecology while playing with their coevals.

The Meeting Point of Investors, Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs

Expo City is not only a place where you can spend quality time with yourself, your friends, or your loved ones. The complex also appeals to businesses, enterprises, and organizations with its huge, high-tech conference center with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and 5G-enabled network.

Connect Conference Centre (also known as C3) was transformed from the Opportunity Pavilion of Expo 2020. Now it serves as a conference venue that is perfect for diverse gatherings, including the COP28 summit. The adaptable commercial spaces are designed to meet every need of the workplace, catering to the dynamic requirements of contemporary businesses. These spaces range from compact work areas to expansive offices, encompassing entire floors, buildings, and even multi-building campuses.

Discover Your Dubai!The Expo City’s business-oriented features shape the future of commerce by uniting companies from diverse sectors and sizes. It fosters the collaboration of entrepreneurs in a dynamic environment that integrates the open space of business with state-of-the-art technology.

Discover Your Dubai!

Dubai is the right place for you if you are fond of sustainably futuristic and vibrant habitats to live, work, and unlock new horizons. Whether you are looking for a luxe, glorious, and privileged lifestyle or sustainable living in a high-tech city, Dubai would be the one to go with.

You can check out our blogs to dive into the magical world of Dubai city, and read our UAE property purchasing guide to get more information on real estate investment in UAE.


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