Málaga & Alicante: Best Places for Expats to Live in Europe

Created08.01.2024, 17.00
Updated11.01.2024, 12.22

The Expat City Ranking 2023 report has come: Málaga and Alicante are the best 2 cities to live as an expat, followed by Valencia.
There are 49 cities on the list, and Spain is home to the top 3 to live in as an expat. The report says that 88% of foreigners here are happy with their lives. But still, why is Spain home to the top 3? Because it has:

And what’s more, Spain has a dream atmosphere that welcomes newcomers in a heartbeat. And this is what the expats crave.

Moving abroad is a big step, so you may wish for a secure change in atmosphere. Happy news, Málaga and Alicante are perfect for that. Let's explain the root cause behind their charm!

Living the Dream Expat Life in Málaga

seaIn 2023, Málaga ranked the best living space for expats, but this is not a surprise. Its charm is a direct result of its vibrant lifestyle, nature, and climate; and they are not news.

Málaga comes 2nd in the quality of life index, following Valencia. It offers excellent conditions. Safety and healthcare are very high, and there is little to no traffic or pollution.

Each neighborhood in the city is perfect for a comfortable living. But the best place to stay in Málaga is Fuengirola, Benalmádena, or Mijas.

The Mediterranean lifestyle is famous for its welcoming atmosphere, and this city is no exception. It ranks top for local friendliness. While living in Málaga Spain, making new friends and adapting to the slow living will be like a piece of cake.

Year-long leisure time activities

The weather, coastline, and vibrant atmosphere are perfect for having an active lifestyle. The locals like to try out new things, spend quality time, and enjoy their lives. No time of the year is boring in Málaga.

During summers, you can spend your time doing extreme sports, sunbathing, and going to picnics. Meanwhile, the city attracts plenty of visitors from all over the world.

When it comes to the off-season, Málaga introduces a calmer, slower, and quieter side. During winter, the weather is mild, sunny, and pleasant.

In winter, the average temperature is 17°C. This allows you to discover other Málaga places to see. These include Picasso’s Birthplace Museum, Alcazaba, and Wine Museum. Make sure you see a Flamenco show and enjoy the festive Christmas season if you're here in December!

Málaga for digital nomads

Málaga’s peaceful atmosphere wouldn’t mean anything if it wasn’t for the clear-cut balance between work and life. Málaga is loyal to this balance, so it's a smart choice for your home office.

The world is rapidly evolving, and keeping up with the development is important for a comfortable life. The government is fully aware of the new generation's work culture and runs regulations accordingly.

The most important step toward this goal was the establishment of the Digital Nomad Visa in December 2022. Since then, the country featured a growing number of remote workers. So, living in Málaga as an expat is very popular among remote workers.

Digital nomads often seek a peaceful working atmosphere. Málaga has seafront coffee houses and co-working spaces that provide this easily. If you wish for 0% workplace burnout and 100% work-life balance, becoming a digital nomad in Málaga, Spain will be a wise decision.

Low living cost

Maybe you can find smiley faces and working opportunities everywhere, but not on a budget as in Málaga.

The low cost of living in Málaga attracts expats, real estate investors, and retirees to live here. Housing, dining, and entertainment are cheaper compared to similar cities in the world.

The properties for sale in Málaga bring a luxurious lifestyle with private swimming pools and large gardens. So, the fact that the city ranks 5th in affordable housing is an unmissable opportunity.

Let’s put it into numbers: In Málaga, a person needs around €695 per month. This amount is enough to have a comfortable living but doesn’t include rent. Depending on the property, monthly rent is around €975-€1.500

Low Cost, High Quality: Alicante as an Expat

palmOut of 49 cities in the world, Alicante ranks 2nd. This is very impressive, but not surprising. It offers a safe atmosphere, a good healthcare system, and a wonderful climate; all for a low cost.

Living in Alicante as an expat is never boring. There are plenty of activities to do. Some of the most popular Alicante places to visit include the lively Benidorm, coastal Dénia town, Calpe, and Altea.

These create a peaceful and tranquil living space. So, as an expat, adjusting yourself to the lifestyle here will be a piece of cake.

Just like Málaga, Alicante is attractive in the financial categories. It ranks 3rd in personal financing and first for affordable housing.

Friendly faces

Alicante too has its share of Mediterranean living. It has a beautiful coastline with wonderful beaches, seafront cafes, chic houses, and delicious cuisine.

All of these have an important role in local happiness. The residents here are smiley and chatty people, and they care for friendship and sincerity.

Low living cost

Alicante too has a generous side. It provides the perfect lifestyle for the low cost. A person monthly needs around €741 to have a comfortable living in Alicante.

But that’s not the best part: Out of 49 cities on the list, Alicante ranks 1st for affordable housing. The monthly rent amount is around €800-€1.200.

Alicante has beautiful detached villas and modern apartments. Buying them could be affordable now, but that’s not a guarantee for the future. During last year, prices of a property for sale in Alicante featured a 6.48% increase. Also, the amortization period is currently 15 years.

Investment in Spain | More than a Haven

Málaga and Alicante have obvious charm, cherishing all their visitors and residents. Mother nature adorns both cities, planting beautiful views and happy faces.

But their charisma isn’t only about their atmosphere. Their popularity increases quickly, so they offer more than your dream seafront living. They have a big investment potential. Following the correct steps will increase your chances of making a profit.

TEKCE provides a clear property-buying guide for Spain. Contact the team for a smooth process to find your dream home and make a profit.


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