Spain Ranks Top On The List Of The Best Digital Nomad Visas!

Created13.12.2023, 09.00
Updated30.05.2024, 16.03

According to VisaGuide.World's newly issued Digital Nomad Visa Index, Spain has been listed as the best location for digital nomads looking to work while living in a dynamic and culturally diverse environment. The index has examined digital nomad visas in 38 countries based on various factors.

Spain ranks first in the index, with a score of 4.50. Argentina comes in the second spot with a score of 3.72. Croatia, Romania, and the United Arab Emirates are in third place. In addition, Spain was named as the most joyful country out of the 38. The country is one of the leading supporters of the idea that happiness is contagious.

What Makes Spain a Top Destination for Digital Nomads?

aerial rooftop view of placa d'espanyaAccording to Lum Kamishi of Visa Guide World, Spain is the most suitable country for remote workers due to its low-income requirements for applying for a digital nomad visa and its cheaper cost of living in comparison to other countries on the list.

According to the list, living in Spain is affordable if one has at least €641 per month. This amount puts the country among the most affordable options. However, applicants must demonstrate that they can make at least €2,140 monthly. This is not hard either, given the range of employment options Spain offers.

Moreover, Spain's beautiful Mediterranean beaches, breathtaking scenery, siesta culture, late-night dining, and countless festivals make it a popular destination for tourists and digital nomads as well as retirees.

Spain is famous for the best digital nomad cities. Many well-known neighborhoods are found in Barcelona and Madrid, but other places like Malaga, Valencia, and Alicante may be more affordable due to living costs and many other factors.

Though far less expensive than Barcelona and Madrid, these cities offer the same opportunities, high living conditions, and lively settings. To give an idea, you can visit Spain’s Málaga City: A Wonderful Place for Digital Nomads for more information about Malaga, one of the most preferred locations recently.

What are Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa Requirements?

a nordic person outside in the sunshine working with laptopIt is easy to obtain a digital nomad visa in Spain with the right documents. Foreign digital nomads can lawfully live in Spain and work remotely for more than 90 days after meeting the requirements listed below. With renewals, this period may increase up to 5 years.

The following are the minimum requirements for digital nomads in Spain, though they can change at any time:

A Great Alternative for Digital Nomad Visa: Spain Golden Visa

The golden visa program can be perfect for you if you work remotely and want to invest as well. Through the Spanish Golden Visa program, foreigners can become Spanish citizens and residents.

Buying property in Spain valued at least €500,000 is required. Of course, this amount is acceptable for residential real estate investment. The program offers a wide range of alternatives, from purchasing shares to starting a business and creating jobs.

You can contact TEKCE real estate consultants for more details about Spain's digital nomad visa application process and golden visa.


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