A Complete Guide to Dubai Golden Visa Applications

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The requirements of the Dubai Golden Visa by investment were updated on October 3, 2022, to encourage investors. With the new version, investors can now invest in Dubai real estate and live there with a lower investment amount, without being restricted in how long they can stay abroad. They can also purchase off-plan properties and obtain a mortgage.

The visa program aims to draw in international talent and qualified investment while boosting entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. Additionally, it intends to strengthen the UAE's standing as a major international center for trade, tourism, and culture.

The Benefits of Golden Visa in Dubai

happy family on beach while skyscrapers in backgroundTo begin with, Dubai, one of the most stunning cities in the United Arab Emirates, is among the world's safest, most developed, most resource-rich regions. This visa allows investors and their family members to move to Dubai and visit whenever they wish, without needing a sponsor. There is no obligation to live in the country. One or two visits per year will be enough.

Investors and their families can work, access the local hospitals, and get an education. They can get a driver's license or renew their current license here.

The tax system is very advantageous for residents and especially business people. They do not pay taxes on income, capital gains, inherited gifts, and real estate in the country. They do not even pay corporate tax up to a certain profit. The corporate tax is much lower than in many countries. They can open a bank account in Dubai and get a mortgage.

Another significant advantage is that visa holders can get the well-known Esaad card for free. It is a Dubai discount card. Cardholders receive various promotions, rewards, and savings at shopping centers, hospitals, and other places. You can visit the page Dubai: Tax-Free Heaven with Lucrative Investment Potential to see more Golden Visa in Dubai benefits.

Who is Eligible for a UAE Golden Visa?

group of business peopleBusinesspersons, investors, and highly qualified people who fulfill specific qualifications can apply for a Golden Visa in the UAE. Those who can apply in detail are as follows:

You must invest at least AED 10 million in a business, purchase a property valued at least AED 2 million, or hold a valid employment contract with a minimum fixed salary of AED 12,000 to be eligible. Family members of the holder can live in the UAE with a UAE Golden Visa.

All foreigners included in the above groups can invest in Dubai, regardless of nationality. Buying a property in Dubai as Turks, Americans, European citizens, British, and so on are accepted.

Dubai Golden Visa Types

Dubai Golden Visa requirements and minimum amount vary depending on the applicant. Because the investment option is the most popular type, the following information is based on it.

You may get a UAE residency visa for ten years by buying a property in the UAE, Dubai’s freehold zone. The minimum investment amount should be AED 2.000.000. You can take a mortgage in a UAE bank with a down payment of 50%.

You may apply for a UAE residency visa for two years by buying a property in Dubai’s freehold zones. A mortgage with a 50% down payment is also possible in this option.

The minimum investment amount depends on the number of owners. It is AED 750.000 for an investor. But if a spouse will be included in the application, the minimum amount should be AED 1.000.000.

How to Apply for a Golden Visa in Dubai?

person giving passport to other person after signing papersThe application process is quite easy for foreign investors with a consultant. The first thing TEKCE Real Estate consultants do is listen to your motives for investing, identify the features you are looking for in real estate, and then immediately start your transactions.

A sales agreement is signed with the seller after finding your dream property for sale in Dubai. Payments are made, and the required paperwork is gathered.

TEKCE handles all for you, company lawyers check them, and the necessary translation procedures are carried out.

You can also do all this with the TeleProperty service, which lets you buy real estate remotely. Then, all you have to do is come for a medical check-up. Medical check-ups are mandatory to ensure you have no contagious and harmful diseases. It must be done in a hospital in the UAE. If you are going to apply with your family, they should also have it done.

After all these processes are completed, the investors and their families apply to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs as the last step.

The Dubai Golden Visa application process is completed within 5 to 7 days on average. If an extra examination is required, an extra period of 30 days is given. TEKCE continues to provide you with consultancy throughout this entire process.

Then your application is approved and you receive your visas. TEKCE continues to assist you even after all your transactions are completed. We provide a wide range of Golden Visa services in Dubai from moving to decorating your home.

Required Documents for Golden Visa in the UAE

The required documents to obtain a Golden Visa in Dubai, the UAE:

How Much Does the Golden Visa in Dubai, the UAE Cost?

It is hard to provide an exact price. The real estate minimum price will vary based on the visa validity period you choose. The number of family members will influence the cost if the applicant is applying with family. There are also some additional costs, including taxes, fees, health insurance, and legal services.

You can always call TEKCE Real Estate consultants to get a precise price and more information about the process.


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