Getting a Tax Number in Turkey: A Quick Guide for Foreigners

Created01.02.2024, 10.10
Updated03.02.2024, 18.01

Having a tax identification number in Turkey is essential for all residents in the country; citizen or not. It functions as a key to make financial transactions and registrations. The national identification number in Turkey is the tax number for citizens. However, non-citizens must make an application to get a Tax ID.

Paying taxesForeigners need a tax number to buy a property and apply for a residence permit. It's important to open a bank account in Turkey for foreigners as well. In addition, you will need your Tax ID number for:

As a result, it's essential you get a Tax ID number if you are spending over 90 days in the country.

How to get a Tax ID number in Turkey?

Getting a Tax ID number in Turkey is a simple and brief procedure. You may submit your application to a tax office that is available in all cities in Turkey. The procedure usually takes around 10-15 minutes. The only document you need is your original passport and one copy of it.

Online application is a quicker alternative to obtaining a Tax ID. For this, you may visit and fill in the form on the official website of the Interactive Tax Office. You may also view the confirmation of your application on the same page.

The last option is letting a real estate company carry this out for you. All you need to do is provide your agent with a copy of your passport, and they will get your tax number for you.

Either way, receiving your ID tax number will be quick. Later, all financial institutions will recognize your tax registration in Turkey.

FAQ | Everything you need to know

FAQ | Everything you need to knowHere are the most frequently asked questions about the Turkish Tax ID number and their answers:

What is the cost of getting a tax number in Turkey?

Obtaining a foreign tax identifying number in Turkey is free of charge. So, there are no fees or taxes for this procedure.

Can I get a tax number in Turkey online?

Yes! You may submit your application on the official website and quicken the process. So, you don’t have to be in Turkey for this procedure.

Do foreigners pay taxes in Turkey?

Yes, but not always. A foreign identification number in Turkey is essential to carry out certain procedures but it doesn’t obligate its holder to pay taxes.

As a foreigner, you need to pay taxes in Turkey when you work, own real estate or a vehicle, have a rental income, or get involved in commercial activities.

What happens if I lose my tax number?

This is not an issue. You may apply to any tax office during working hours with your passport. After, your tax number is re-printed.

TEKCE’s Comprehensive Assistance

In conclusion, tax number has prior importance, and is one of the many property purchasing steps in Turkey. To ease your purchasing journey, TEKCE provides comprehensive and FREE before and after-sales services. As with all others, the team guides you through the Tax ID number application. Call the TEKCE team today to claim it!


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