Global Mobility: The Power of Holding a Turkish Passport

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Updated06.02.2024, 18.28

The global mobility has become a prized asset. That’s why the value of a passport extends far beyond being a mere travel document. A world of chances grows for those fortunate enough to hold a Turkish passport.

With a rich history, vibrant culture, and prime positioning, Turkey offers more than just nature and tasty cuisine. It provides its citizens with a passport that is a gateway to a sea of benefits. Also, individuals have many options to get it. From family lines to buying property in Turkey.

How Powerful is Turkish Passport?

The visa procedures measure the power of a passport. If a passport has many visa-free entrance options, it is considered powerful. In this context, the Turkish passport stands out as a powerful one that allows holders to enter more than 120 countries without needing a visa.

1. Visa-Free Access:

opened passport on map with baggageThe Turkish passport's strength lies in its vast list of visa-free or visa-on-arrival agreements with many countries. This means that Turkish passport holders can cross borders with ease. For many countries, there are no hurdles. Whether it's for leisure, business, or education, Turkish passport holders have many chances.

2. Diplomatic Relations:

Turkey's positioning plays a crucial role in improving the power of its passport. The nation's diplomatic efforts have enabled relations that go beyond symbolism. These ties translate into tangible benefits for Turkish passport holders. It facilitates smoother journeys and creates a favorable setting for global relations.

3. Business and Investment Options:

Holding a Turkish passport is not just about hassle-free travel. It's also about tapping into a network of business and investment options. With Turkey rising as a vibrant economic hub, passport holders find themselves at the forefront of a booming marketplace. It becomes a valuable asset for those seeking to expand their business on a global scale.

4. Cultural Exchanges:

The power of the Turkish passport extends beyond commerce and trade. It encompasses cultural and academic exchanges. It doesn't matter if it's for participating in global conferences, pursuing academic work abroad, or simply engaging in cross-cultural experiences. Turkish passport holders find themselves in a favorable position.

In short, the power of the Turkish passport offers a global engagement. It empowers its holders to traverse borders easily.

Does Turkey Allow Dual Citizenship?

two person handshaking The answer is a resounding yes. Turkey is among the countries that recognize and permit dual citizenship. It offers individuals the flexibility to hold Turkish citizenship alongside that of another country.

Turkey dual citizenship is amended officially in 2018. This legal change marked a significant shift, enabling individuals to maintain their Turkish citizenship while also holding the citizenship of another country.

As we explore the benefits of a Turkish passport, the allowance of dual citizenship emerges as a pivotal factor. It offers a pathway for individuals to seamlessly integrate their Turkish identity into their broader global narrative.

Which Countries Can You Visit with Turkish Passport?

Turkish passport holders enjoy visa-free access or visa-on-arrival rights to many countries. This includes various places in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The list continues to expand. It reflects Turkey's efforts to boost relation ties and promote global access.

With Turkey bridging the gap between Europe and Asia, Turkish passport holders has easy access to numerous Asian countries. From the vibrant markets of Qatar to the historical wonders of Japan.

Turkey's location extends its passport holders the benefit of exploring Africa and the Middle East. Countries such as Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia are within easy reach. They offer a blend of ancient customs and modern wonders.

The Turkish passport opens doors also to the Americas. There are visa-free or visa-on-arrival agreements in place for countries like Mexico and the Dominican Republic. This allows for seamless travel. Whether it's the sandy beaches of the Caribbean or the richness of Latin America.

Now let’s have a look at the full list of visa-free countries for Turkish passport holders.

Turkish Passport Visa Free Countries 2024

There are more than 120 countries where Turkish passport holders can travel without needing a visa. You may find the full list in the table below.

CountriesVisa StatusDuration
AlbaniaVisa-Free30 Days
AngolaVisa-Free30 Days
Antigua and BarbudaVisa-Free180 Days
ArgentinaVisa-Free90 Days
ArmeniaVisa on Arrival / eVisa 120 Days
AzerbaijanVisa-Free90 Days
BahamasVisa-Free240 Days
BangladeshVisa on Arrival30 Days
BarbadosVisa-Free180 Days
BelarusVisa-Free30 Days
BelizeVisa-Free90 Days
BoliviaVisa-Free90 Days
Bosnia and HerzegovinaVisa-Free90 Days
BotswanaVisa-Free90 Days
BrazilVisa-Free90 Days
BruneiVisa-Free30 Days
Burkina FasoVisa on Arrival90 Days
BurundiVisa on Arrival30 Days
CambodiaVisa on Arrival / eVisa30 Days
Cape VerdeVisa on Arrival (EASE)
ChileVisa-Free90 Days
ColombiaVisa-Free90 Days
ComorosVisa on Arrival45 Days
Congo (Dem. Rep.)eVisa90 Days
Costa RicaVisa-Free30 Days
Ivory CoastPre-Enrollment90 Days
CubaTourist Card30 Days
DjiboutieVisa90 Days
DominicaVisa-Free21 Days
Dominican RepublicVisa-Free
EcuadorVisa-Free90 Days
EgyptVisa on Arrival / eVisa30 Days
El SalvadorVisa-Free90 Days
Equatorial GuineaVisa-Free90 Days
EswatiniVisa-Free30 Days
EthiopiaVisa on Arrival / eVisa90 Days
FijiVisa-Free120 Days
GabonVisa-Free30 Days
GambiaVisa-Free90 Days
GuatemalaVisa-Free90 Days
GuineaeVisa90 Days
Guinea-BissauVisa on Arrival90 Days
HaitiVisa-Free90 Days
HondurasVisa-Free90 Days
Hong KongVisa-Free90 Days
IndonesiaVisa on Arrival / eVisa30 Days
IranVisa-Free90 Days
JamaicaVisa-Free90 Days
JapanVisa-Free90 Days
JordanVisa-Free90 Days
KazakhstanVisa-Free30 Days
KenyaeTA90 Days
KosovoVisa-Free90 Days
KuwaitVisa on Arrival / eVisa90 Days
KyrgyzstanVisa-Free30 Days
LebanonVisa on Arrival30 Days
LesothoeVisa14 Days
LibyaVisa on Arrival90 Days
MacaoVisa-Free30 Days
MadagascarVisa on Arrival90 Days
MalawieVisa90 Days
MalaysiaVisa-Free90 Days
MaldivesVisa on Arrival30 Days
Marshall IslandsVisa on Arrival90 Days
MauritaniaVisa on Arrival
MauritiusVisa-Free90 Days
MexicoeTA180 Days
MicronesiaVisa-Free30 Days
MoldovaVisa-Free90 Days
MongoliaVisa-Free30 Days
MontenegroVisa-Free90 Days
MoroccoVisa-Free90 Days
MozambiqueVisa on Arrival / eVisa30 Days
NamibiaVisa on Arrival90 Days
NepalVisa on Arrival / eVisa150 Days
NicaraguaVisa-Free90 Days
North MacedoniaVisa-Free90 Days
OmanVisa on Arrival / eVisa30 Days
PakistaneTA30 Days
PalauVisa on Arrival30 Days
PanamaVisa-Free90 Days
ParaguayVisa-Free90 Days
PeruVisa-Free180 Days
PhilippinesVisa-Free30 Days
QatarFree Visa on Arrival90 Days
RussiaeVisa15 Days
RwandaVisa on Arrival / eVisa30 Days
Saint Kitts and NevisVisa-Free90 Days
Saint LuciaVisa-Free42 Days
SamoaVisa on Arrival90 Days
Sao Tome and PrincipeVisa-Free15 Days
Saudi ArabiaVisa on Arrival / eVisa90 Days
SenegalVisa on Arrival30 Days
SerbiaVisa-Free90 Days
SeychellesTourist Registration90 Days
Sierra LeoneVisa on Arrival / eVisa30 Days
SingaporeVisa-Free30 Days
SomaliaVisa on Arrival30 Days
South AfricaVisa-Free30 Days
South KoreaeTA90 Days
South SudaneVisa
Sri LankaeTA30 Days
St. Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa-Free90 Days
SudanVisa on Arrival30 Days
SurinameTourist Card90 Days
TaiwanVisa on Arrival / eVisa30 Days
TajikistanVisa-Free30 Days
TanzaniaVisa on Arrival / eVisa
ThailandVisa-Free30 Days
Timor-LesteVisa on Arrival15 Days
TogoVisa on Arrival / eVisa15 Days
TongaVisa on Arrival31 Days
Trinidad and TobagoVisa-Free90 Days
TunisiaVisa-Free90 Days
TuvaluVisa on Arrival30 Days
UkraineVisa-Free90 Days
UruguayVisa-Free90 Days
UzbekistanVisa-Free30 Days
VanuatuVisa-Free30 Days
VenezuelaVisa-Free90 Days
VietnameVisa90 Days
ZambiaVisa on Arrival / eVisa90 Days
ZimbabweVisa on Arrival90 Days

*Please note that this table is only for general information. The visa-free countries may change. For more absolute information, please take a look at the embassy websites of the countries above.

How to Get Turkish Passport?

There are different ways to get a Turkish passport. The most popular option is citizenship by investment nowadays. Here is the full list of how to get Turkish citizenship and a passport:

If you are thinking the Citizenship by Investment program, there are diverse options available. These are real estate, job creation, or capital investment. Each route has specific conditions. Choosing the right one depends on your priorities and cases.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program to Enter Vibrant Turkish Economy

Apartments surrounded with greenery with sea viewThe Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program presents a chance. Especially for individuals seeking a fast track to Turkish citizenship, with making a significant economic action.

This program not only simplifies the citizenship process. It also opens the door to the dynamic Turkish economy. Also with investment, Turkey passport requirements are not hard to follow.

One of the primary ways of Citizenship by Investment Program is real estate investment. Investors can acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing properties with a minimum value set by the government.

There are countless options for properties in Turkey. Most of these properties are suitable for the citizenship program. Investors can find the right property suitable for both this program and their desires.

Turkey Passport: Gateway to More Accessible Life

In conclusion, the Turkish passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. In all factors, it offers special benefits to its holders. From visa-free travel to others, passport for Turkey provides a comfy living.


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