Build Your Dream Home Fast in Spain with Neovilla

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Have a home constructed in a significantly reduced timeframe! Indeed, with technological advances, building your own house is no longer a difficult task.

We have a new modern house model that speeds up construction. It has innovative features and smart building methods. This makes it easier to start your new life under the Spanish sun.

What is a Modular Home?

woman enjoying view from balcony while cars parked underPrefabricated modular homes have a significant presence in the market. Thanks to new construction techniques, we offer modern residences for a cutting-edge lifestyle.

Neovilla represents a new approach to modular homes in Spain. Unlike traditional modular homes, builders construct them as spacious smart homes, which are ideal for everyday living.

Neovilla modular home builders use the same materials as traditional modular homes with concrete modular units. Additionally, a large team of architects and builders carefully reviews designs and construction stages.

The Advantages of Building a NeoVilla

Build your own house quickly, at no extra cost, with constant supervision and personalization to your taste in just a few months!

Short Delivery Time: Thanks to its standardized construction process, you will be able to quickly move into your newly built home. The manufacturing and assembly time is between 4 and 6 months.

Cost of Modular Homes: NeoVilla prices are more affordable because of the quick turnaround time. Additionally, you can calculate the total cost before construction begins to avoid additional costs.

Ongoing Supervision: A skilled team oversees the construction process to prevent any issues that may arise during production.

Personalization: Thanks to NeoVilla modular structures, you can extend the living spaces whenever you want. You will also be able to choose surrounding materials, finishes, flooring and more.

Sustainable Construction helps reduce the environmental impact of home insulation and air conditioning systems. They achieve this by lowering their carbon footprint.

Here, you can find detailed information about the villas:

Fast Home Building in Spain

villa surrounded with greenery with pool front of itThe Neovilla construction process is relatively shorter than traditional house construction. Below are the steps to building a house (NeoVilla):

Opt for a NeoVilla House with TEKCE!

Our skilled team will handle all the paperwork to get your building permit and save you time. That's not all, the construction process also requires completing other legal steps to legalize the construction.

In summary, our professional team will:

Choose the TEKCE team for a stress-free home-buying experience in Spain and find your dream house with our Zero Failure principle! Contact our expert team for further information.


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