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Welcome to a picturesque paradise on earth, this is Altea, Spain!

Welcome to a picturesque paradise on earth, this is Altea, Spain!Altea is a gorgeous coastal town, nestled along the shores of Spain’s breathtaking Costa Blanca. This hidden gem is the place where your dreams of living your best life in Spain turn into reality, and here’s why.

Altea is situated within the borders of the Valencian Community. It is perfectly positioned in Alicante province, only 45 km away from Alicante city itself. The Altea city stands out with its prime position within easy reach of Costa Blanca’s renowned attractions such as Benidorm and Villajoyosa.

The city has a rich historical background tracing back to the Moors and Romans. Today’s modern Altea city was first introduced to the tourism sector during the 1950s. The city’s old town has a characterized image with its narrow streets adorned with whitewashed houses, offering picturesque views. Its fairytale-like ambiance has charmed every visitor for years.

The city consists of two primary zones. The earliest settlement, Altea la Vieja, is the Old Town. Situated on a hill, the renowned Old Town of Altea stands as both a landmark and the town's foremost attraction. The other region is nestled along the shores of the city. Today’s modern settlement by the beach is the actual place where daily life goes on.

In the backdrop of the town, the Sierra Bernia Mountains rise approximately 1,100 meters high. It defines the magnificent landscape alongside the stunning beaches of Costa Blanca and the pristine white Old Town. It's a splendid locale for those seeking to blend sun, sea, sightseeing, and excursions.

The Santorini of Spain: Altea is a Major Tourism City

Altea beckons sun-seekers from around the globe. Over the decade, millions of tourists have opted for Altea for the ultimate summer dream on the Mediterranean. The city’s economy is mostly based on tourist activities. It attracts tourists from all over the world because of its wonderful environment, lively ambiance, and warm climate.

The Santorini of Spain: Altea is a Major Tourism CityThe city relishes the gentle climate, making it the perfect destination even in the winter. Altea City also enjoys 300 days of sunshine. This makes the city not only one of the best summer destinations in Spain but also the best candidate for year-long tourism. The winter temperatures don’t fall below 10°C in Altea. Meanwhile, in summer, the temperatures rarely exceed 30°C.

Altea’s Old Town, Altea la Vieja, is one of the most attractive spots of the Costa Blanca among tourists visited Spain. Its narrow alleys lined with artisan shops, adorned with cobblestone pavement and Santorini-like historical snow-white houses are the most characteristic features of the Old Town.

Stretching beneath the Old Town, there we come across where the Mediterranean city life. The shores of Altea are a favored destination for thalassophiles. It leads the way when it comes to water sports. Other than the fishing port, there are three remarkable marinas in the town, one being a part of a major nautical club of the Costa Blanca.

The modern city center by the coastal promenade greets us with a high sense of serenity with the long stretch of coastline. The palm-fringed coastal promenade of Altea is a vibrant hub among tourists. Along this splendid coastline, you will come across classy restaurants, quaint cafés, and inviting tapas bars that stand side by side. The beautiful blue flag beaches of Altea Spain are inviting visitors to savor the delights of their holiday experience.

Not Only For Tourists, Altea is Also a Rising Star Among Expats

Altea's reputation extends beyond being an attractive spot for summer enthusiasts. The city also hosts a large international community of foreigners who hold Spain residency. The expat-friendly attitude combined with endless possibilities makes Altea a charming destination to live as a foreigner.

Not Only For Tourists, Altea is Also a Rising Star Among ExpatsIn recent years, Altea has gained a remarkable reputation among EU citizens and foreign real estate investors. There are a few reasons why apartments in Altea Spain draw attention the most from foreigners.

Firstly, real estate purchasing comes with a wide range of opportunities. Expats get a chance to obtain Spain permanent residence permit by buying real estate to stay in Spain. Spain Golden Visa program acts as a gateway to expats who are looking for opportunities to apply for permanent residency in Spain, Altea. It gives foreigners a chance to work in Spain. Golden Visa holders also can study in Spain. A significant part of foreigners choose to invest in a Spanish real estate to get a Golden Visa in Spain.

Secondly, foreigners can easily gain remarkable profits from their property investments in Altea. Being a highly preferred vacation destination adds value to Altea properties in terms of rental income opportunities. Via rental management systems such as Airbnb, holiday home owners in Altea can earn a respectable amount of income from their investments.

AlteaPlus, Altea being an all-year-round tourism hotspot allows real estate owners to collect rental income even during the low season. In a way, Altea City is among the most lucrative tourism hubs in terms of gaining sustainable income.

Expats often look for holiday homes and beach apartments in Spain Altea. Altea’s most attractive aspects are centered around its beaches, wide range of amenities within easy reach, and laidback lifestyle. That is why the highest interest in properties for sale in Altea focuses on brand-new projects near the beach, such as the Viva Altea Beach project.

Being close to the Costa Blanca’s breathtaking coasts and marinas is a defining factor for buyers. This means that expats would have easy access to all kinds of amenities and social activities on the coastal promenade of Costa Blanca.

The second reason why the new housing projects in Altea Spain are in demand is their well-thought-out design and rich infrastructure. These complexes feature more sustainable living spaces with high energy efficiency. In this way this design allows residents to minimize their carbon footprint, along with cutting down unnecessary costs of living in Spain.

With their modern design, the newly built or off-plan real estate in Altea Spain offers an effortless living with ease of mind. In the example of the Viva Altea Beach project, all apartments offer functionally designed and modern living spaces adorned with rich infrastructure, ensuring the comfort of the residents.

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