An Expat’s Education Guide: International Schools in İzmir

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Turkey offers great schools for students of all levels, and İzmir has no less. It features a rich selection of schools and universities. These schools give high-quality education and make it very easy to adapt and make new friends.

İzmir’s colorful tourism setting attracts people from all over the world. As a result, there are high-quality private schools in İzmir that make foreign students feel at home. The same goes for its universities as well.

Now, let’s explain the universities and international schools in İzmir.

Finding the Best Schools in İzmir for Expat Kids

Finding-the-Best-Schools-in-İzmir-for-Expat-KidsYou heard about the city’s popularity, did market research, and even decided on a property in İzmir Turkey. Now comes the exciting part: starting a new chapter in your life.

Moving to a new country is a big step, especially for families. There are plenty of factors that you need to think of. Especially, families with kids need to think about how it will affect their children

For ease at heart, finding a good school is very important. International schools offer good quality. They aim to provide expat students with the education they could get in their home countries.

These schools have partnerships with foundations like CIS or IB. As a result, universities all over the world recognize diplomas from these schools.

Here are some of the most popular schools in İzmir:

  1. MEF International Schools

MEF is an IB, CIS, NEASC, and Cambridge member school. Its branch in İzmir hosts primary, middle, and high school students. They learn French, Spanish, and Turkish as a second language.

Its 1-5 grades host students from 27 different countries. The 6-12 grades host students from 25 different countries.

The school offers Cambridge Checkpoint, IGCSE, AS, and A-level classes. This gives students a chance to have bright futures and get higher education overseas.

In the school, there are social clubs, field trips, and sporting events. The teachers like to stay connected with parents. On their website, you can see their lunch menus, calendars, and curriculums.

  1. American College Institute

American-College-InstituteFounded in 1878, this private İzmir American high school is an important CIS and IB school. Its song Hail Alma Mater Fair reflects its long history and culture. It has successful and famous alumni as well.

Lectures include Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, literature, social sciences, math, science, IT, arts, and sports. Students can join clubs and sports teams.

This American school in İzmir Turkey has everything you need. These are boarding, orientation programs, social activities, and health professionals. Also, it offers projects like MUN, JA, or ISTA.

  1. Deutsche Schule İzmir

This IB school aims to give an innovative education for German-speaking students. It has all levels for

2 - 19 years. Here, the students get a chance to discover their skills.

After graduation, the students get a diploma that is valid in Germany as well. Deutsche Schule İzmir cares for parent-teacher relations and student safety. It has a bus service, working groups, and homework support.

  1. ICS - K12 Schools

If you prefer a Canadian school in İzmir, this may be your go-to. They deliver education from kindergarten to 12th grade. They have a scholarship exam as well.

The school has a special curriculum that mixes Turkish and Canadian education systems. After age 5, the students start becoming fluent in Turkish, English, and French. The lectures are in English.

  1. SEV International Schools

SEV International Schools provides education for up till high school. Lectures are in science, math, social studies, English, Turkish, music, physical education, creative drama, and visual arts.

This CIS school has scholarships for successful students as well. A 60-100 GPA is important for a needs-based scholarship while merit scholarships come as a reward for performance.

Best Universities in İzmir for Expats

İzmir has some well-established and rooted universities. They accept foreign students and give 100% English instructions.

To attend university in Turkey, you need a high school diploma and an exam result. This could be from GCE, SAT, or ACT. You may take the Turkey-based YÖS exam as well.

Foreign students can apply for a residence permit. Also, you may apply for health insurance in the first 3 months following your registration.

Here are the best universities in İzmir:

  1. Ege University

Established in 1955, Ege University in İzmir Turkey offers everything a student needs. These are a wonderful library, congress centers, swimming pools, sports facilities, a shopping center, and a Student Village.

Once a year, the university schedules an EGEYÖS exam for foreign student candidates. As for the fees, they depend on the department. The 2023-2024 school year fee is $580,00 - $10,000.

  1. Dokuz Eylül University

Dokuz-Eylül-UniversitySince its foundation in 1982, Dokuz Eylül University has been providing a rounded education to its students.

Foreign candidates need to take the DEYOS exam. The fees depend on departments and formal or evening/ distance education. The 2023-2024 school year fee is $300 - $3.000.

  1. İzmir Democracy University

İzmir Democracy University is a foundation institution. It provides high-quality education standards and comprehensive syllabuses. Student candidates need to take IDUEFS to apply.

  1. İzmir University of Economics

İzmir University of Economics is a foundation university established in 2001. It provides education in English and often in Turkish. Second foreign languages are German, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Russian.

This multi-national university hosts students from 52 countries. Its diploma has global validity. The 2023-2024 school year fee is $4.000 - $8.000 for associates and bachelors. During application, the school evaluates scholarship rights as well.

  1. Yaşar University

Yaşar University is another foundation university established in 2001. It aims to provide its students with a contemporary and comprehensive education.

The university also aims to provide social responsibilities and taste in art. Yaşar University also provides a dormitory. For the 2023-2024 school year, tuition fees range between $3.000 - $7.500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently-Asked-QuestionsDo you still have questions about getting an education in İzmir? Here are the answers!

Yes! They help their students in many ways. The scholarships depend on your needs and academic success. The aid may include lunch, housing, and tuition fees.

No. International schools can only admit foreign students. They need to give proper education and help students adjust to the country. For this reason, Turkish citizens cannot apply to these schools.

All of them teach in English. Most teach Turkish as a second language. A large number of them also provide other languages like German, French, or Russian.

These schools in İzmir aim to provide excellent education in science, social studies, math, foreign languages, sports, and arts. They may extend this to follow IB, DP, Cambridge, and others to meet their education goals.

Surely! They aim to provide expat students with the education they could get in their home countries. So, these schools have partnerships with foundations like CIS or IB. As a result, universities all over the world recognize diplomas from these schools.

Yes! The city is wonderful for your child’s education. Besides, it has a peaceful atmosphere and working opportunities.

There are plenty of foreign families living happy lives in İzmir. It has everything to ensure that. In İzmir, you can find work opportunities while your child gets a wonderful education. And, the best of all, these come at reasonable prices.

Buying real estate in Turkey has its benefits for your family budget. If these standards are what you need, call the TEKCE team to find your dream home in İzmir.


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