Guide to Izmir: Activities, Excursions and Accommodation

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Many activities and excursions are available in the beautiful city of Izmir. We've selected a few to help you enjoy a comfortable stay in Turkey's beautiful city. In addition, you'll also find tips and advice on the best places to stay and eat.

The city of Izmir, also called “beautiful Izmir” is in the west of Turkey. This city in Turkey runs along the Aegean Sea. It represents the most important and largest population center on the Aegean coast. This city, described as cosmopolitan, is the symbol of modernity.

The Best 10 Things to Do in Izmir

The-Open-Air Museum-AgoraThere are many things to do on this Aegean coast combining antiquity and modernity. Wondering if Izmir is worth visiting? Make your own opinion of the top 10 tourist attractions in Izmir.

Among the historical sites or museums worth visiting in Izmir are:

The Ancient City of Ephesus: It's a fascinating ancient city once equipped with a port. It has direct access to the sea. The ancient city possesses a large number of well-preserved buildings and structures.

The Open Air Museum, Agora: You can visit the ruins of the ancient city of Smyrna. The ancient city is made up of water networks that were constructed by the Romans and are still in operation today.

The Atatürk Museum: Find out more about the founder of the Republic of Turkey. He gave the country the right to be secular and granted women the right to vote. He also replaced the Arabic alphabet with the Latin alphabet.

These three historical sites of Izmir chronicle its history through time and are among the historical places in Izmir that you should not miss during your visit.

The attractions of Izmir Turkey consist of visiting the emblematic squares. Let's see the must-see attractions in Izmir:

Konak Square and the Clock Tower (Saat Kulesi): It's an emblematic square with its picturesque Clock Tower (Saat Kulesi). It's also a major point of reference in the city.

Kemeralti Bazaar: Explore the Kemeraltı bazaar and the surrounding area for a day of shopping. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in one of the many cafes.

Kizlaragasi Han Bazaar: A traditional Turkish bazaar in the district of Izmir. The bazaar includes stores selling clothes, shoes, souvenirs, jewelry, and street food.

The Cultural Park: The ideal place to enjoy the fresh air. The park features artistic sculptures and an attractions park.

The Konak Pier: If you want to relax and enjoy the sunsets, the Konak Pier is the perfect place.

The Panoramic View of the Elevator (Asansör): The building offers easy access to the neighborhoods separated by a cliff. It has become a popular attraction. You'll find cafés and restaurants here.

The Kordon Alsancak Walking Track: Sought after by locals and tourists worldwide. This heavenly spot facing the sea is suitable for everyone.

What are Some Good Day Trips from Izmir?

Pamukkale. In just 3 or 4 hours you can easily reach this natural wonder from Izmir by car. For a day or more, you can enjoy the hot springs and visit the ancient site, Hierapolis.

Are There Any Beaches Near Izmir?

Yes. You'll find the most beautiful beaches near Izmir in resorts like Çeşme, Urla, Alaçatı, Foça or Seferihisar. They are often a popular destination for local visitors, celebrities, and international tourists too.

Selection of the Best Restaurants in Izmir

Zeynel-Ergin-Gevrek-Firini-Bakery. This city with Aegean flavors has a lot to offer its visitors. The delights of Turkish cuisine await you in the best restaurants in Izmir:

The city's small restaurants are the best ones where you can find the best food in Izmir, Billur Et Lokantası is one of them. If you're looking for a more exclusive evening out, Balmumu Dükkan is an attractive luxury restaurant in Izmir. If you are fond of seafood dishes, the Sakiz Alsancak restaurant is the best one. Also, enjoy breakfast treats at Zeynel Ergin Gevrek Firini Bakery.

Best Place to Stay in Izmir

Izmir is a city with a multitude of options for accommodation. From Airbnb to hotels, the variety is present. Nevertheless, if you want to stay close to Izmir's city center, the best areas to stay in Izmir are:

Alsancak is an old district of the city made up of small bourgeois houses. It is also an area where nightlife is lively with many restaurants and bars.

Kordon is a district along the seaside promenade in Izmir. It is made up of cafes and terraces facing the sea. The accommodation is modern.

Finally, the district of Hatay is known for being close to the Hatay Vestel shopping center. It is also close to the city center and points of interest. It is a quiet and residential place.

The Transportation Network in Izmir

The first question we ask ourselves is: How to get to Izmir?

The answer is simple. Adnan Menderes International Airport. This is the easiest and most common means of transportation to get to Izmir. There you will find a direct metro line from the airport to the city.

Means of Transport in Izmir

Means-of-Transport-in-IzmirIzmir's public transportation network consists of buses, metros, and trams. It is with the Izmirimkart that you can make all your trips. This card is reloadable at stations.

You can also opt for cycling!

Izmir has an urban bicycle network. They are generally located by the sea. It is a fast, economical and pleasant means of transport. You can enjoy the beautiful sea views while cycling on the city's cycle paths.

Weather in Izmir

Beautiful Izmir enjoys an ideal climate all year round due to its advantageous location. When is the best time of year to visit Izmir?

The best time of year to enjoy a beach vacation is summer. If your goal is to access beaches and attractions with fewer crowds, spring or fall are the ideal seasons for you.

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