Conquering Trabzon: Your Transport Guide

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Here's a transport guide to a comfortable trip around Trabzon!

Trabzon is located in northeast Turkey. The region runs along the Black Sea coast to Georgia. The province is characterized by Greek and Byzantine history.

Traditions in this region are different from those in the rest of Turkey. Trabzon's very humid climate makes it a green paradise, with green landscapes between the Black Sea, tea fields, and mountains.

Trabzon Transport: From Dolmuş to Teleferics

This city has a developed transportation infrastructure to allow visitors an enjoyable visit. Among the means of transport in Trabzon, you will find:


trabzon-busTrabzon public buses cover most areas of Trabzon, through bus lines spread throughout the city. The price of public transport in Turkey is deducted by using a prepaid electronic card at one of the designated points of sale.

Minibus (Dolmuş)

Dolmuş are common in Trabzon due to their ease of movement between alleys and streets, and their average size. They circulate according to the lines specified by the Municipality.


Taxis operate 24/7 in Trabzon. Customers can order taxis in the city through several different apps, available by phone and in several languages.

Rail Vehicles

Rail vehicle transport projects are among the most important and rapid means of transport implemented by developed countries. Among the strategic and important projects created in Trabzon is the line (Şehir Hastanesi-Yomra). It is 31 km long, with an hourly capacity of 21,607 passengers. The line passes through 57 stations to reach Yomra, to the northeast of the city.

What are Some Unique Transportation Experiences in Trabzon?

There is the longest cable car in the Black Sea region in Beşikdüzü, Trabzon with a length of 3,600 meters. In summer, it becomes one of the most popular attractions in Trabzon, Turkey, among domestic tourists and foreigners.

This cable car with two cabins for 55 people per hour carries 300 people and the journey time is 10 minutes. Climb to the top of Beşik Dağ to Trabzon with comfort and enjoy the breathtaking view of the funicular. A unique experience with an affordable price makes this cable car a must-do activity in Trabzon.

Trabzon: Transport Hacks & Tips

We've put together a few tips and hacks for you about transportation in Trabzon.

The Cheapest Way to Travel Around Trabzon

You can use your Trabzon Kart by presenting it to the card readers in public vehicles. The cost of each journey, determined by the municipality, is deducted from your card. You can also check your card balance on the card reader screen.

You can use the Trabzon Kart on public transportation in Trabzon. You can benefit from different types of cards, such as those for students at reduced prices, other important age groups, the chronically ill and the elderly.

The Best Way to Get from Trabzon Airport to City Center

Trabzon Airport is only 6 km from the city center. You can easily use:

● The Havaş bus to and from Trabzon Airport. It operates between central Trabzon (beşirli) and Rize.

● You can take the minibusses from the airport if you want to go to the city center or the bus station from Trabzon Airport.

● Trabzon Airport taxis provide 24-hour service in front of the exits of the domestic terminal and the international terminal.

● At Trabzon Airport, you can see the offices of car rental companies, also known as Rent A Car.

Places to See in Trabzon

Among the many places to visit in Trabzon, we've selected a few for you.

Hagia Sophia Mosque

trabzon-hagia-sophia-museumExploring the Hagia Sophia Mosque takes no more than thirty minutes. It is easy to access, located west of the airport and on the Black Sea. Originally built as a church in the 13th century, it was transformed into a mosque.

Its structure has a dome in the form of a cross. Inside you will find frescoes telling stories from the Bible. A small garden is at the back of the mosque. It offers panoramic views of the Black Sea with a café located nearby for added convenience.

Note: To enter the mosque, women must cover their hair with one of the free scarves available to visitors at the entrance.

Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is one of the most iconic tourist attractions on the list of things to do in Trabzon. The area is in the Maçka district of Trabzon, an hour's drive from the airport.

Access to Sumela monastery is a walk through lush, humid vegetation. Once in Altındere National Park, the visit to the monastery begins at the foot of the narrow staircase that needs to be climbed.

Physically, this small climb can be difficult for elderly people. But once up there, the view is breathtaking!

How do I get to Sumela Monastery from Trabzon?

The journey from Trabzon to Sumela Monastery in Trabzon, Turkey is approximately 1 hour by car. In Trabzon, dolmus (Turkish minibuses) serve the monastery during the tourist season. Buses pass through Maçka, a town worth a visit. You can also opt for a bus that serves Sumela and Karaca Cave during the day.

Ataturk Köşkü (Atatürk Pavilion)

trabzon-ataturk-pavilionIt is one of the most beautiful museums and one of the places to see in Trabzon. It consists of a magnificent structure that once belonged to the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. In this mansion, there are many photos and personal belongings of Atatürk which are displayed for tourists. The building is reminiscent of French castles and has a beautiful garden all around.

How do I get to Atatürk Pavilion?

The mansion is located in Soğuksu Mahallesi in the center of Trabzon. For this reason, there is no problem in terms of transportation to the mansion. You can reach the mansion either by car or by Köşk Buses or taxis.


This small village is in the Maçka district. It offers magnificent landscapes and is known for its famous traditional dessert: sütlaç (rice pudding). You will truly experience what life is like in a Turkish village during your visit.

Where to Eat the Best Sütlaç in Hamsiköy?

At Osman Usta'nın Yeri, in business since 1972. The secret of this delicious sütlaç is that it is cooked for a long time and made from organic, fatty cow's milk.


Uzungöl means “long lake”. It is a lake about a kilometer long with a circumference of about 7 kilometers.

It is located between high mountains. It is about an hour and a half drive (100 km) from Trabzon city center. It is located in the Çaykara district.

You can enjoy a walk around the lake. You can also rent bikes and cycle around the lake. There are many shops, cafes, and restaurants spread around the lake where you can sit and enjoy a coffee or tea. There is also paddle boarding on the lake, which would be a fun activity for a group or couple.

Is there a Bus Going from Trabzon to Uzungol?

There is no direct line between Trabzon and Uzungöl. However, you can take the bus to Trabzon Araklı and then take the taxi to Uzungöl. You can also take the bus to Trabzon Sürmene and then take the taxi to Uzungöl.

Weather in Trabzon

The objective of this blog is above all to serve as a guide to easily travel all around Trabzon. You can also consult our blog of places to shop in Trabzon, to prepare your trip to Trabzon.


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