Trabzon: Lucrative Destination for Starting a Smart Business

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Trabzon is an important business center in the Black Region of Turkey. It has a total of 818.023 population with 115.000 persons aged between 15-25. This alone can reflect Trabzon’s high-skill labor potential.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in Trabzon. It has a highly developed tourism, biotechnology, education, and manufacturing frame. Also, the regulations are motivating for both local and foreign self-starters.

But first, what is a smart business?

To begin, we can define a smart business in many ways. Each involves the correct steps for achieving, adapting to technological renovations, and using resources efficiently.

Keeping up with all, it is a great place to start a smart business. But what exactly makes Trabzon a smart choice for a business? Let’s dive straight into it!

Is Trabzon a good place to start a business?

trabzon-industryYes! Trabzon has all the basics for a business. Here are the reasons to start a business in Trabzon:

How easy is it to find skilled workers in Trabzon?

Hear this: Trabzon has 3 government universities with good syllabuses, qualified staff, and keen students. It has research centers with attractive opportunities.

Thanks to this, Trabzon grows and attracts skilled workers of all ages and sectors. The employment ratio is 55.1%.

Regional developments on Trabzon’s economy

The government aims to balance rural and urban. It also aims to provide social welfare, energy generation, and a sustainable environment.

The plan aims to advance education, motivate the young population, and provide access to funds in rural locations.

The Trabzon economy is on agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, forestry, industry, logistics, and tourism. With governmental support, each of these fields has positive effects on the economic environment.

Buying a property in Trabzon for business

To start your company, you may want to buy a commercial property in Trabzon. Meanwhile, choosing a lively neighborhood near the main road, airport, and shopping center is a smart move.

You may dive into Trabzon’s real estate market to extend your business profits as well. The best place to buy a property for sale in Trabzon is probably Ortahisar. Yomra, Araklı, and Akçaabat provide high profit potential too.

Between January 2018 and December 2023, average property prices in Trabzon featured a 96.35% increase. Today, they offer a 5.06% annual yield and 20 years of amortization period. There are more profitable investment centers in Turkey. But when you consider prices, investment opportunities in Trabzon have a high yield.

What are the main industries in Trabzon?

Depending on your background, dreams, and skills; the city provides plenty of opportunities. Here are the most popular fields for self-starters in Trabzon:


sumela-monastery-tourism-point-of-trabzonEach year, over 500 thousand foreign and 2 million domestic tourists and travelers visit the city. Trabzon has a suitable bed capacity for this lively tourism and implements regulations to attract more.

A large amount of travelers and tourists visit the city for its plateaus, sea, mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. For history lovers, it has Sumela Monastery, Uzungöl Lake, Walls of Trabzon, and Hagia Sophia Museum.

So, tourism-related businesses do well in Trabzon. These are:


In Trabzon, there are 13 state, 3 private, and 1 university hospitals. They provide whole services with qualified staff.
The city is within the top 10 places for health tourists in Turkey. It has research centers that aim to advance the sector.


In Trabzon, there are over 3.500 total and over 500 endemic species. The Innovation and Biotechnology Center project aims to develop the field.


In Trabzon, there are 2 government and 1 public university and over 80 thousand students. They provide over 10.000 workforces each year. There are 37 implementation and research centers.

Karadeniz Technical University has an outstanding role in Turkey’s development. It has devoted students and staff who aim to contribute to the development of Turkey.

Trabzon Techno-City is innovative in the science and technology fields. It meets universities with companies to give insights into companies and working opportunities for students.

Manufacturing and Industries

The city has a strong industrial and manufacturing frame with 4 organized industrial sites. These facilities have over 4000 employees with workforce.

Fishery and agricultural goods like tea and hazelnuts have an important role in manufacturing and industry. Manufacturing goods like metal, glass, furniture, medical products, chemical products, and building materials plays an important role.


Trabzon has a strategic location and network. It has easy access to other cities, countries, and continents. This enables air and sea logistics companies to operate easily.

Commerce and Trade

With its logistics network, Trabzon is an important export and import center of Turkey.

Trabzon is the third-highest foreign trade surplus. Over 200 companies here are in commercial relations with over 100 countries.

Working as a Digital Nomad in Trabzon

digital-nomad-in-trabzonTechnological developments and work-life balance helped digital nomads start to spread across the globe. Now, cities with peaceful settings and natural beauty are subject to a big attention.

As a digital nomad in Trabzon Turkey, you can have peaceful working hours in seafront cafes. Later, you can spend time with your friends and family, enjoy the natural beauty, and discover historical sites.

Turkey doesn’t have a digital nomad visa yet. However, obtaining a residence permit and even citizenship is accessible and affordable.

A short-term residence permit allows 6-12 months of a stay. Also, property purchases over $200.000 are eligible for a long-term residence permit. When the purchase is over $400.000, the buyer is even eligible for citizenship application.

Purchasing Company in Trabzon

A smart method for quick growth is buying a business for sale in Trabzon. The company already has a tax number, so it saves you time and money. It also provides more profit potential and more recognition.

Keep in mind that you need a detailed search when you buy a business in Trabzon. Before your purchase, you need all the information about its debt, and legal obligation status. After that, you are good to go!

You may also consider becoming a co-owner or partner in business. This way, you can share the responsibility and increase your capital.

Company Formation Process

Now that you know the basics; it’s high time to talk about how to establish a company in Trabzon:

  1. Residence permit

The first step is to get a residence permit in Turkey. The steps are easy and affordable. If you buy a property over $400.000, you get to apply for citizenship.

For properties over $200.000, you can apply for a long-term residence permit. At this stage, Trabzon Homes ® provides all the legal support you need.

  1. Work permit

When starting a business in Trabzon, you need a work permit. You don't have to be in Turkey to apply.

  1. Preparation of company documents

businessman-puts-stamp-documents-officeWhen you have the necessary legal conditions, you can start by creating a membership on the MERSİS website. After, you can download documents about your company and personal information. Meanwhile, you will get your potential tax ID number.

  1. Payment of Share of the Competition Authority

You need to deposit 0.04% amount of your company’s capital in the bank account of the Competition Authority. You can make your payment as a transaction. Also, you need to deposit 25% into a bank account before registration.

  1. Application for Registration

At this stage, you need to apply Trade Registry Directorate for registration. After fee payment, Turkey’s Trade Registry Gazette declares your company. Finally, the system will automatically register you with the Social Security Institution and Relevant Tax Office.

Ministry of Trade has a detailed company establishment guide regarding foreign investors. According to it, here is the basics:

In a nutshell, Trabzon is a great destination for self-starters. There is a large variety of business opportunities. Trabzon has a suitable climate, natural landscape, and sectors to promote dreams.

To add, property investment in Trabzon is a popular, profitable, and stress-free income source. Whether you wish to take part in the profitable business sectors, make investments, or work remotely; the city meets all your expectations.


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