Explore a Sunny Gateway: A Guide to Golf Properties in Spain

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Spain is a true European treasure for golf holidays, offering +400 golf courses with up to 35 stations. As the sport becomes more and more widespread, golf properties in Spain gain popularity.

The golf courses in Spain attract over 1.2 million visitors each year. If you have experienced a golf holiday before, you know that it leaves good memories. But why let it remain a memory when it can be your full-time reality?

This article explores the golf properties in Spain. You will discover the advantages of buying a golf property for sale in Spain. You will understand the secrets behind its popularity and see the best places to buy yours.

What is a Golf Property?

What is a Golf Property?A golf property is a villa or apartment nestled inside/near a golf community. It could be close to the beach, offer panoramic views of the greenery, and often have contemporary features.

But, the charm of a golf property lies in the outdoors rather than the indoors. They are within spacious complexes that offer pools, large golf plots, well-designed gardens, cafes, restaurants, SPAs, Turkish baths, and more. They also offer views of the Mediterranean Sea, city, and mountain.

Benefits of Owning a Golf Property in Spain

Below, you can find the advantages of purchasing a property for sale in Spain on a golf course:

  1. Golf Weather

A good golf game requires sunny and mild weather and a certain amount of humidity is often helpful. With 300 days of sunshine, you can spend all year playing golf in Spain.

  1. Active Lifestyle

Golf alone is a good way to exercise. However, golf complexes in Spain usually offer more than golf courses. They have swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, football grounds, and fitness centers. So, if you are looking for motivation to stay active, your home in Spain will be helpful.

  1. Flexible Holidays

Owning a golf property in Spain equals owning a holiday home. Consequently, you won’t have to arrange your holiday according to the timelines of the hotels. So, your holidays will not only be budget-friendly but also start and end whenever you wish.

  1. Happy Atmosphere

enjoying some golf with your friendsA ray of sunshine, an amazing coastline, and lush nature are great mood-boasters, all available in Spain. As home to the happiest expat communities in the world, Spain has a vibrant atmosphere. Here, after enjoying some golf with your friends, you can spend your time on the 19th hole- the clubhouse. Challenging yourself in the Spain golf tournaments will be an enjoyable experience as well.

  1. Rental Yield & ROI (Return on Investment)

Property investment in Spain brings lucrative returns, and the same is valid for golf properties. As the golf culture reaches more and more people, short-term rental demand is increasing. So, if you don’t use your property for year-long living, you can benefit from its rental income.

According to Endeksa, Spanish property prices increased by 4.33% in the last year. On average, they offer a 7.65% annual yield. Below, you can see the price increase some cities witnessed.

Between March 2023 and 2024;

You can consider this information and make a decision based on your investment expectations and budget.

Where to Buy a Golf Property in Spain?

Where to Buy a Golf Property in Spain?Alicante, Málaga, Cádiz, and Murcia are the golf hotspots in Spain. Each of them is both a popular holiday destination and a comfortable living space.

According to Expat City Ranking 2023, expats in Alicante and Málaga are happier than anywhere else. If you are looking to build a peaceful life, we recommend searching for a property for sale on golf courses in Alicante, Spain.

The most popular golf destinations in Alicante are Finestrat, Altea, and Rojales. In Málaga; Marbella, Benahavis, Estepona, and Mijas are subject to high demand. As for Cádiz, Sotogrande and San Roque are the forthcoming golf destinations. Each town boasts a green outlook, a peaceful atmosphere, an amazing coastline, and a warm ideal climate, making them perfect for golf play.

How to Choose the Right Location to Buy Golf Property in Spain?

The location is the most important criterion when buying property. Golf courses in Valencia Spain are subject to a higher demand. Proximity to Costa del Sol beaches is a favored upside as well.

Real Club Valderrama, SotograndeIf your property is close to the most popular golf courses, it will bring the highest returns. Here are the best golf courses in Spain:

  1. La Quinta Golf & Country Club, Marbella
  2. Los Naranjos Golf Club, Marbella
  3. Marbella Golf Country Club, Marbella
  4. Almenara Sotogrande Golf Club, Sotogrande
  5. Real Club Valderrama, Sotogrande
  6. La Reserva Club Sotogrande, Sotogrande
  7. La Zagaleta, Benahavis
  8. Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club, Benahavis
  9. El Higueral Golf, Benahavis
  10. Tramores Golf, Benahavis

Note that choosing a frontline golf property for sale in Spain will have promising results. Additionally, views play a vital role in golf properties. Most golf properties have unblocked views of the golf course and the sea, increasing their value.

Our rich portfolio of real estate in Spain includes golf properties near the beach, in a forest, or in the highlands. Browse them, or contact us now! Our agents will introduce you to your dream home.

TEKCE Real Estate guides you toward each step of your property purchase in Spain. To find the perfect one that meets your unique expectations and budget, call us now!


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