Yalova: An Attractive Hub for Exporters and Investors

Created15.01.2024, 13.00
Updated22.01.2024, 11.24

Yalova is situated at the crossroads of Turkey's major cities. It has positioned itself as a prime location for investors and exporters. It offers proximity to Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli within just one hour.

The city has robust transportation links, planned development, and a commitment to addressing urban and ecological challenges. Yalova has become a focal point for investors seeking solutions to succeeding investment problems.

After more flexible options for the rules of Turkey residence permit, Yalova became an international destination for investment.

In this blog post, we will delve into the general Yalova economy. We will also explore its thriving shipbuilding sector and discover options for real estate investment. Let’s check the investment and export potential in Yalova Turkey.

The Economic Landscape of Yalova

Organized-Industrial-ZonesThe Yalova’s economy is on the rise. The city’s general economic structure is based on a stable system. But, the dynamic landscape allows investors to gain more. Now, we will inspect the business in Yalova Turkey more closely.

Organized Industrial Zones

One of the city’s major strengths lies in its five active Organized Industrial Zones (OSBs). Also, there is one Technology Development Zone. They have a foreign trade volume exceeding $2 billion.

The sector employs over 120,000 insured workers. These zones act as a driving force. They are establishing Yalova as a hub for all commerce activities.

Qualified Workforce and Education

Yalova stands out as one of Turkey's most dynamic cities. The 67.7% of its population falls within the working-age bracket. The city's system contributes to its allure.

It boasts a 19.2% graduate rate (2020). It is a figure that surpasses the national average. This highly educated workforce is a key factor in the city’s thriving economy.

Strategic Location

The city is near the major cities. The city offers easy access to them. There is a population of approximately 21 million within a one-hour drive. That's why the city serves as a logistical hub.

It provides seamless access via land, sea, and air. It has turned Yalova into a focal point for investments.

High-Value Plant Production

Yalova's fertile lands have positioned it as a leader in kiwi production in Turkey. Additionally, the city ranks third in plant production by quantity. It presents lucrative investment opportunities in Yalova Turkey.

There are aronia, mussels, and Trabzon persimmons. These high-value products contribute to Yalova's economic growth.

Natural Tourism Haven

Natural-Tourism-HavenYalova is home to healing thermal springs, a 124 km-long coastline, and untouched natural beauty. That's why it is a year-round tourist area. Its appeal extends to health and elderly tourism. It makes it a preferred choice for those seeking wellness amidst the green and blue.

Yalova's Preferred Investment Sectors

The city has high living standards and unique natural beauty. Yalova has become a shining economic center in Turkey. The city presents lucrative options in specialized sectors, including:


Yalova has a prime shipbuilding sector. During this year, Yalova was in the second place after Istanbul. But the rise in the sector also made the city become in the first place.

Today, nearly more than a thousand ships visit the docks in Yalova. So, Yalova is a key city for shipbuilding in Turkey.

Chemical Industry

The city plays a key role in the production of chemical products, including carbon fiber. Yalova houses the world's largest integrated acrylic fiber production facility. It contributes to 17% of the global market share.


Yalova is mostly famous for health tourism. The thermal facilities and the production of plants contribute greatly to the city's growth. The city ranks third nationally in flower production, with an annual economic value of $400 million.

Kiwi Production

The city stands out as a leader in kiwi production, emphasizing its commitment to high-value agricultural products.

Global Reach, Local Advantage: Ships from Yalova to the World

gemiYalova's ship, yacht, and services sector has a 76.7% increase in exports. It rose from $415 million in 2022 to $733 million in 2023. This sector accounts for 37.78% of the city's total exports. This shows its key role in Yalova's economy.

Experts highlight the shipbuilding sector's contribution. Estimating its impact at $1.9 billion. Yalova sees the annual construction and maintenance of more than a thousand ships. It is coupled with the building of 45-50 new ships each year.

This industry in Yalova currently employs 41,200 individuals. The sector is having a rapid growth. The projections indicate employment will reach the 60,000 mark soon.

The rising global fame of the city affects all sectors of the city. Today, the properties for sale in Yalova are one of the best options for real estate investment in Turkey.

Yalova is a Real Estate Investment Destination

The city offers benefits for real estate investors. The city's well-planned structure contributes to the overall appeal of Yalova's real estate market.

Why Invest in Yalova?

The city has a robust structure, high living standards, and a strategic location. The city welcomes real estate investors with various options.

Also, the city is home to planned industry development. This makes it an attractive destination to invest in real estate.

That’s why many investors started to look for starting a business in Yalova. The wide variety of sectors makes it more attractive to investors from all over the world.

Real Estate in Organized Industrial Zones (OSBs)

Organized Industrial Zones (OSBs) are all specialized, providing a unique advantage for real estate investors. There are many options to invest in industrial real estate in the city. To buy business in Yalova Turkey, real estate is the key factor.

Tourism-Oriented Real Estate

Yalova is a famous tourist destination. That's why real estate for tourism has a unique appeal. The tourism sector in the city is an ideal investment option.

The tourism zones are ideal for short term rents. With the right short term rental property management in Turkey, Yalova, the investment will return more. The tourism capacity of the area is developing fast.

Yalova: A Complete Investment Opportunity

Yalova stands as a hub for exporters and investors. It offers a blend of an ideal location, a qualified workforce, and diverse options.

The city is home to wide sectors such as shipbuilding, chemical, tourism, agriculture, and real estate. The city has well-planned industrial zones and a high growth rate. Yalova provides an investment landscape full of chances.


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